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6 Spiral staircases that will modernize your home

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Enesca Corridor, hallway & stairsStairs
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Spiral staircases made of metal have shown a number of advantages when compared to traditional wooden stairs. Steel is extremely robust and requires minimal maintenance. It is often combined with other materials like glass or acrylic—used as the stair steps or railings. The spiral structure also aids in saving space in the house, making it ideal for small interiors. 

For all these reasons, we have decided to compile 6 interesting spiral staircases that will give your house a modern kick. Keep reading to get inspired!

1. White and Elegant

Enesca Corridor, hallway & stairsStairs

To start off, we have this beautiful metal staircase painted in all white. Designed by ENESCA, the first thing to highlight here is its spiral shape. Sleek and slim, it is definitely the perfect choice if you wish to save space in your house.

2. Staircase or sculpture?

Enesca Corridor, hallway & stairsStairs

The functionality of a staircase is important. But since it is a big piece in the house, you might want to put extra effort in optimizing its aesthetic appeal too. The shape of the staircase really reflects one's style, so does the material used. Here, the combination of steel and solid white is no doubt a true work of art.

3. Center of attention

Enesca Corridor, hallway & stairsStairs

Space availability is one of the first things to take into account when designing a staircase. It is important to calculate precisely the proportions and dimensions in accordance to the house’s layout. In this example, the staircase is located nicely in the center of the interior without visually overshadowing the rest of the area.

4. Attention to the details

Enesca Corridor, hallway & stairsStairs

You must always bear in mind that several factors can influence the comfort of a staircase—the diameter, number of steps, height of each step, material, color, etc. Each of these factors has to be modified carefully if you aim to build the best designed staircase. 

5. Metallic structure

Enesca Corridor, hallway & stairsStairs

Modern designs of spiral staircases can come in different styles and aesthetics. The best option is to combine materials like concrete, wood, metal or glass together. However way you’d like to match it, it’s up to you!

6. Industrial style

To finish off, we have this simple black and white staircase presented in industrial style. The dark-colored metal steps stand out distinctively while contrasting its surrounding white wall. The mix of styles is an interesting one to consider!

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