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24 Types of fences to decorate your garden with style

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The main purpose of a fence is to separate and protect the house from external events. However, in addition to providing security, the fence is also an important composition of the house that contributes to its personality and aesthetics. So make sure you think it through and choose carefully before you renovate your house!

In this article today, we have brought you a series of proposals that will surely inspire you. From a simple wall to an artistically carved wooden fence, you will definitely be left in awe. Let's begin!

1. Wood painted in white

The first design we have for you is a wooden fence painted in white. It brings style, harmony and elegance to the garden, creating a very pleasant atmosphere.

2. Natural wood

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Simple and low cost, this is the perfect option for houses and gardens in any size. Remember to add a waterproof layer too for good maintenance and to avoid spoilage by bugs.

3. Log fence

Fences made of logs or wooden boards are simple and perfect for rustic houses. The handcrafted appearance offers simplicity and lightness to the environment. 

4. Metal fence by the pool

The metal fence is ideal in ensuring the safety of children or pets by keeping them away from the pool. Although its purpose is for protection, the fine metal linings also add to a modern touch.

5. Wall with textures

The textures of the wall are a beautiful addition and give the house extra personality. Complemented with green plants, a great sense of elegance is presented.

6. Stone wall

The typical stone wall can also be a popular option when you feel like giving your house a sense of robustness and protection.

7. A canvas for vertical gardens

Fences are for protection, but have you ever thought of using it as a canvas for vertical gardens? The green plants will be a simple but colorful addition to the wooden fences!

8. Combination of wood and concrete

In this design, you can see a white concrete base with a wooden fence anchored on its surface. Again, you can decorate the fence with potted plants to add vitality to your backyard!

9. Surrounding the Zen garden

This Zen garden is perfect for meditating and relaxing. To create greater intimacy and naturalness, a stone wall might be the ideal choice as nothing can possibly distract you!

10. Rustic style

This backyard is decorated with colorful and creative elements, and is well-balanced by the warming stone wall. The wooden flooring also makes it an exceptionally enjoyable area.

11. A piece of art using wood

If you prefer something less traditional, these nicely carved wooden fence might be your number one option. The wonderful craftsmanship is utterly a work of art. It is perfect for those who love taking things to a step further.

12. Double-layered fence

Instead of one large connected surface, these individual Japanese-style wooden fences are layered in the front and back of each other to form a surrounding wall. It gives the garden absolute privacy while creating some visual contrast.

13. Metal fence

Here's another good example showcasing protection and transparency at the same time. These black iron bars contribute greatly to the overall elegant, minimalist and sophisticated look.

14. Bamboo

Taffin Asian style garden

Bamboos are sturdy and light—an exceptionally good material to use for a fence. In this example, the reflection of light on the bamboos make the backyard look even brighter and livelier.

15. Creative use of PVC

PVC is a very light and durable material. Although the cost is greater with respect to the other natural alternatives like wood, its designs are open to almost any possibility.

16. PVC with geometric patterns

Here's another beautiful PVC design using geometric patterns. It gives off a very creative and stylish look while providing protection to the garden.

17. Short but flirtatious fence

If you are looking for something more aesthetic than practical, these short wooden fences might be a good option. It allows your house to be more exposed and also connected to the outside. Now, you can hit your neighbours up any time!

18. Combination of red bricks

The combination of a white fence with red bricks simply brings simplicity and rusticity to the house.

19. Mix of concrete and wood

Here's another design combining the materials of concrete and wood. Once again, the soft contrast creates a very sophisticated and calming vibe.

20. Curved wall

These white blocks come in curved shapes and make the garden look even more visually interesting.

21. Mix of elements

It is common and encouraged to use more than one element when constructing a fence. In this example, architects have used a mix of bamboo, plants and metal plates.

22. Wall painted in pink

If you live with tight budget and are planning to save without giving up on the aesthetic qualities, try painting your wall in vibrant colors!

23. Red bricks and wood

This patio is decorated with large red bricks on one side and wood on the other. The warm tone is especially empowering and contributes to the beautiful result.

24. Stainless Steel

Lastly, this design here isn't composed of wood, bricks or concrete—it is in fact made of steel plates. The different shades of metal also add to the modern and visual appeal.

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