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10 Reasons why you should incorporate metal into your house

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The structure of a house is also the foundation that supports it, the skeleton that connects it, and the framework that stabilizes it. Traditional homes lack a proper skeleton. In the old days, buildings were often made up of soil, bricks, stones, and wood. It’s not until the industrial revolution that metal materials arose and replaced wooden structures due to their higher resistance to fire. Later in the twentieth century, the use of concrete in house constructions became popular. It is a highly-resistant material and also considerable in price!

Today, all these materials mentioned have gone through significant technical advances for improved performances. Yet, the one taking over the market now is in fact—metal. In this article, we will tell you 10 reasons why you should incorporate metal into your interior design!

The rise of metals

We have heard a lot of advantages about concrete buildings, and disadvantages about the use of wood and metal. However, the game is about to change as metallic structures are on the rise again. In fact, they occupy way less space than concretes, which is a very important factor considering how residents often face space problems in their homes these days.

Combinations with other materials

The skeleton of this house is made of metal—like the pillars and beams. It is then finished with wooden floorings and brick walls of the same color theme. It is very common to combine of materials when constructing a house. Here, the house looks very sturdy and gives off a sense of security. 

Metals sheets

Metals sheets are traditionally associated with warehouses, agricultural or industrial buildings. However, they have been increasingly appearing in households too as pillars, floorings or roofs like in this house!


Metal is a lot lighter than concrete, hence facilitates the speed of construction and makes it a perfect option for renovations. It is important to include a metallic framework on the walls, so they don’t get knocked down easily. Walls made entirely of wood often experience dents and punctures.

The weight of the structure

If the walls of your old apartment are deteriorating and you wish to renovate it,  you might want to opt for the lightest materials and avoid adding extra weight to the structure. A highly recommended solution is to use metal beams and pillars, along with metal sheets as a form of support. 

Quick to assemble

If you are given limited execution time for renovation, we guarantee that it will make a huge difference if you opt for metallic frameworks. Although they are more expensive than concretes, the money cost is compensated by reduced time spent and space used. The steel frames are much simpler and easier to build, which is especially desirable for modular homes that require pieces to be transported.


Look up and you will see a nice framework supporting the arched roof. These metal beams can also be assembled flexibly to adapt to each situation.

Other decorations

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Due to its flexibility and variation in types and sizes, these metal structures can generate almost anything to enhance the aesthetic features of an interior. You can create lofts, shelves, or even a raised bed like we see in this design. Professionals here took great advantage of the high ceiling to make this construction happen.

New treatments

Throughout the article, we have mentioned the technical advantages and disadvantages of metallic frameworks, but we can’t forget about its aesthetic contribution when it comes to interior design. Nowadays, industrial looks are the new fashion trend. You can either leave the metal beams uncovered to enhance its industrial feel, or decorate them however you like to fit your taste.

The versatility of metal

Metal is a very strong and resistant material that requires little maintenance. Thanks to technical advances, you can now even find metals that are antioxidants—thus, more resistant to fire. As a highly industrialized material, its flexibility and versatility allows you to easily combine it with any other materials to add to the house’s interior design.

Last but not least, it is also important to point out that metal is a reusable material, which means they have positive impacts to the environment.

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