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10 Beautiful terrace designs tailored to your needs

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In this article today, we have gathered 10 amazing ideas to design your terrace! Based on each needs, these designs are tailored to meet the requirements of the homeowners depending on their lifestyles, preferences and the appropriateness of space. Let’s now take a look at the different styles you can achieve for your terrace!

1. Classic style terrace

The first terrace we are looking at is designed by Russian architectural company ТЕРРАДЕК. Presented in classic style, the terrace is painted in pastel yellow and neutral tones that complements its surrounding greenery. The roofs were also nicely built to ensure the residents a sense of security, allowing you to enjoy your afternoon rain or shine.

2. Minimalist terrace

Sometimes, you don’t really need that much space for a terrace. A small corner like the one in this beautiful mini-house might be enough. The wooden flooring exceptionally adds a touch of warmth to the area, especially when it rains.

3. Terrace facing the lake

homify Terrace

My oh my! Don’t you want to teleport yourself there right now? This terrace is surrounded by the magnificent scenery and refreshing nature with lakes, trees and mountains. Don’t let this area go to waste and utilize it to the fullest. For example, you can move your dining space to the terrace so you can enjoy your meals while appreciating this beautiful view!

4. A garden terrace

homify Garden Greenhouses & pavilions

For those outdoor-enthusiasts who love hanging in the garden, try opting for this type of design. The wooden frames blend in perfectly with the stone ground and greenery around. Whenever you have guests over, this will be the ideal place to socialize and chill.

5. Rooftop terrace

The rooftops are very oftenly neglected and forgotten about. Hence, the architects here have done an amazing job in renovating the roof. There’s a swimming pool for you to exercise and relax, and a wooden table for a nice little chat with your friends. Any time, you can simply come up to the roof and connect to the nearby nature.

6. A barbecue in your backyard

homify Scandinavian style garden

This terrace is tailored to those who love inviting friends and family over for a barbecue party or hang-out. Designers have transformed this space in the backyard into a social kitchen. The wooden linings and flooring contrast softly to the white facades—creating a very soothing atmosphere for a perfect dining experience.

7. A semi-enclosed terrace in the garden

The semi-enclosed terrace is located right in the center of the garden. Although it is disconnected from the house, they look seamlessly integrated together. The antique furnitures and ornaments also contribute to the classicality and aesthetics of the area.

8. An indoor garden

If you have a humongous house like this, you might want to build an indoor garden for gardening purposes or simply to bond with your family. It’ll be worth it!

9. Terrace in Mediterranean style

Here’s another design that will catch your attention with its massive use of colors and patterns on its cushions, lamps, couches and everything else! The colors complement nicely to the stone walls and floorings, maintaining a very harmonized environment of Mediterranean style.

10. An open kitchen and dining area

By adopting an open-style kitchen and dining space, you are another step closer to nature. The semi-open roof also allows you to connect with the sun while avoiding being hit by the rain when you’re dining. If you are looking for a comfortable and flexible kitchen, this one is for you!

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