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10 Outdoor kitchens you want to include in your patio

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What else can you do at the patio other than relaxing, sunbathing and gardening?

When designing a house, it is important to tailor it to the needs of its residents. If the house is large enough, an open kitchen might be ideal! From simple to complex designs, we have prepared 10 examples for you to get inspired. Let’s take a look now!

1. An extremely spacious patio

The first house we have here consists of a huge patio. It has a fireplace, barbecue grill, countertops and so on. Barbecues are perfect for the weekends. But even if you don’t do it often, you can still sit here and enjoy the breeze. Not bad, right?

2. The idea of a rooftop bar

This rooftop bar looks very professional, doesn’t it? It has a bar counter and stools, a TV and couch for families and friends to gather. Now, you won’t have to spend money outside at pubs during games season!

3. Expose yourself to the outsides

This vacation home looks very exposed and open. But don’t worry, designers have installed rolled-up curtains all around to protect the interior from heavy rain or bad weather. If your house is surrounded by a large green courtyard, adopting this open-style kitchen and lounge might be ideal. Consult a professional architect to help with the planning!

4. It’s a balcony?

The space we are looking at is quite interesting. First glance, it looks like an ordinary kitchen, but if you noticed the railings and net, you will figure that it is in fact a balcony! With a sink and counter simply installed, along with a set of chairs and couch, this balcony is proven to be practical and fully functional.

5. A large terrace at this luxury mansion

This mansion is fully equipped with a swimming pool, open terrace and even an ultra-perfect kitchen! You can enjoy a barbecue night or cook a delicious fusion meal in front of the large TV. There’s really nothing you can dislike about this place!

From another angle

Taking a look from another angle, there is no doubt this is a luxury mansion. The brick walls are integrated with potted plants which add significant vitality to the area. There are also these warming ovens to keep your foods warm and fresh all the time. If you have guests over, they will definitely appreciate it!

6. A glass-house kitchen

The colorful geometric tiles are designed to catch your attention right away. The yellow chair also adds to the liveliness. If you tilt your head up, you will find a whole glass window enclosing the kitchen, giving it sufficient sunlight and vitality.

7. Another mansion

Although the kitchen here isn’t as big as the one previously seen, it has absolutely everything you need—an exhaust hood, oven, sink, countertop. It is perfect for moms who wish to look out for their kids playing at the swimming pool while cooking! What do you think of this design?

8. Look no further, your vacay home is here

Just in front of the swimming room, you will find a nice lounge area with comfortable couches, and a simple kitchen and dining table in the further end. Architects have also installed additional fans above to keep you cool from the sizzling weather.

9. A tropical kitchen

This kitchen is decorated with cute patterned tiles in Mediterranean style, colorful kitchenware and contains a traditional stone oven. Its design overflows with a tropical taste.

10. A patio that resembles a restaurant

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you might want to take notes from this design. Fully equipped with grills, couches and a nice dining table, this space is ideal for you to invite friends over.

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