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18 Bungalow houses for a simple living

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Bungalows often give people the impression of simplicity and rusticity. And if you live among the rural areas, they are probably the most suitable and common type of housings. However, with many new and advanced construction technology nowadays, bungalows begin to come in a variety of forms too.

In this article, we will introduce you to 18 bungalows of different styles that will allow you to enjoy a simple good living. Let’s take a look now!

1. A home of simplicity

The wooden exterior matches perfectly with the red tile roof, giving the house an overall rustic and simple impression.

2. Bold highlights of red

homify Colonial style house

The use of red here is quite bold, but it’s also what makes this simple bungalow different from others. In addition, there is a very spacious courtyard in front of this house, which is perfect for those who wish to live the full country life.

3. A clean homogeneous exterior

The exterior of the house is painted in milky cream—a color that gives off a relaxing feel. The enormous terrace also serves as a perfect boundary between the indoor and outdoor space.

4. A wooden house with benefits

The stepping stones of the house have the ability to exude phytocide—a type of chemical that kills weed and maintain a healthy growth of its surrounding plants. With this advantage, residents of the house can live peacefully and comfortably with a breath of freshness every day.

5. A Thai home

This bungalow house is built by an architect based in Thailand. To cope with the country’s extreme weather, the slanted roof is ideal for rainy seasons.

6. A fairytale-like cottage

This cute and layered bungalow might remind you of a cottage home in fairytales. The wooden exterior, red tile roof and stone platform are all major elements of a rustic countryside house. It makes you wonder what the interior looks like!

7. An Italian modular home

Built by Italian experts, the subtle contrast between the various materials used is what makes the modular home stand out.

8. A cubed bungalow house

This bungalow house is cube-shaped and colored in coffee-brown tones. You can even see the clean finished lines on the exterior, which translate into a very simply and tidy look.

9. Utilizing floor-to-ceiling windows

homify Minimalist house Aluminium/Zinc White

Floor-to-ceiling windows cover majority of the house, allowing the breeze and sunshine to pass through. An outer curtain is also installed in case the sun is too strong.

10. A mobile house

Ever considered living in a mobile house? Perfect for young couples, this home will follow you wherever you go!

11. A simple yet contrasting exterior

Designed by the same Thai architects ASAP HOME BUILDER as previously seen, the bungalow follows the same structure and shape. However, the colors and textures used are simply different. The exterior is painted in two shades of grey and is given a greater sense of depth, which makes the beige-colored brick wall pop out even more from its surface.

12. A modernized bungalow

Not all bungalows have to look rustic in style. This modernized bungalow similarly offers comfort and convenience, allowing you to live the simple life you desire.

13. A house that comes out of a classic fairytale

This triangular-roofed and milky bungalow can easily be mistaken as a house that came straight out of the fairytale world. The pendant lights are also a key to the classic look.

14. A very neat and simple bungalow

Neat and simple, this house allows you to enjoy the relaxing breeze whenever the wind blows.

15. A practical house in classic style


This classic house does not look exceptionally special, but its rustic look contrasts perfectly with its vividly green frontyard.

16. A modular home with massive sunlight

KITUR Minimalist house

This modular home is saturated with massive sunlight. The black frames also stand out daringly from the white surface, giving the house a more elegant and stylish feel.

17. An open interior layout

The exterior of the house is painted in earthly-brown which blends nicely with the surrounding greens. Its interior then adopts an open layout to produce a greater sense of openness and connection to the outside nature.

18. An intense use of black

Designers have created an ultra-intense appearance using an entirely black theme. This bungalow is the perfect definition of modernity.

Casas inHAUS Modern home

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