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Rustic built-in kitchens you will fall in love with

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Even for design-lovers, it can be a challenge transforming the kitchen into a place that suits you. You have to measure it centimeter by centimeter, furniture to furniture, and consider every single detail within that small space. To create the best kitchen where you will feel comfortable and reluctant to put your apron down, you must dedicate time and effort.

One way to design a kitchen ‘with taste’ is a rustic kitchen. It presents itself in a subtle appearance but surprises with endless possibilities. In this article, we will introduce you to 10 rustic built-in kitchens we are sure you will fall in love with. Get inspired!

1. Rustic & modern kitchen

This built-in kitchen proposes a rather classic and rustic style. Yet, modernity has made their way into the canvas through colonial touches and eclectic elements. The stone wall and wooden furnitures, fashioned by stylish decorations and contemporary arrangements, fill the atmosphere with sophistication and elegance.

2. The charm of traditional kitchens

Recycling traditional and old elements into modern interior designs have been an increasingly widespread trend nowadays. Located in the old town of Ibiza, Spain, despite having undergone intensive renovation, this country house has retained the characteristics of Mediterranean vintage. This kitchen, enclosed within the small walls, respects the details of the original house like the countertop and integrated stone oven!

3. Simplicity in the kitchen

A simple countertop, traditional gas stove and sink are essentially enough for this kitchen to bypass any additional decorations. The design here is based on simplicity, leaving the sunlight to shine on the authentic tiles and take us back to the past when these pieces were hand-painted on the Valencian coast of Antwerp and Coimbra.

4. Artistic built-in kitchen

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From Lacanche, in the heart of the French region of Burgundy, comes this built-in kitchen where tradition and modernity walk in sync with each other. The exposed brick wall is a simple way to bring out vintage personalities into the design. Accompanied by the rusty kitchenware, they contrast with the modern ovens and technology that are used to enhance functionality in the kitchen.

5. Symphony of materials

Wood and bricks are two of the most preferred materials in rustic kitchens. Tiled walls and countertops can be commonly seen in traditional homes and cottages. Architect Muebles Rabanal who specializes in the manufacture of customized furniture, is responsible for the design of this kitchen where a symphony of materials are used. The wooden textures give vitality and the white tiles reflect sunlight, giving the room a sense of uniqueness and distinction.

6. Old-school kitchens

This completely renovated wheat mill house is the home to the spectacular kitchen where modernity and tradition go hand in hand. Don’t worry, you’re not back in the 1770’s. Despite going through a complete renovation, much of the traditional charms are still retained. Later on, this area has been transformed into a commercial kitchen for restaurant use.

7. A ancient kitchen

Imagine being in the modern version of King Arthur’s home. The large oval table and classic chairs, logs of wood lining the walls and colorful tile floorings, have created this fun and unusual environment through contrasting each other. The bricks, which are typical materials used in rustic kitchens, also add to the ancient aura.

8. Points of details

homify Kitchen

Tiles are another preferred material in kitchen designs. Here, the same patterns are used to decorate the edges and walls so a more uniformed and distinct theme can be presented. The gas stove, built-in hood and wooden cupboards complete the look of the classic-style kitchen.

9. Kitchen with personality

Not only is the kitchen a place to show off your culinary skills, it is where you can display art without being discreet about it. The kitchen as a whole is a canvas for you to let creativity take over. In this design, the same pattern is used for the walls, countertops and flooring, transforming the kitchen into a fun and joy-filled place. The subtle use of white tones bring a slight sense of serenity to balance off the energy in the kitchen.

10. The first step: decide

With a variety of materials to choose from—bricks, tiles, woods, etc, the truth is that you must first decide which combination to integrate into your kitchen. Before you start designing, you have to be clear about what you want in the room, and what you think will be ideal. If you aren’t sure, reach out to professionals or find out more through our magazines!

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