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A modern house for big families

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AtelierStudio Modern home
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The place we are showing you today is a complex large enough to house generations of people in the family. Not only does it look beautiful and luxurious, the house is also modelled to serve multifunctional purposes. Designed by ATELIERSTUDIO, get ready to be inspired by this single-house of modern style!

Clean, white exterior

This two-storey house is a perfect reflection of modernity. The windows are large; and the roof is also flat unlike many typical homes that are pitched triangularly.

Spacious lawn

The complex is surrounded by a huge lawn. Feel free to modify it to whatever you like! Whether it’s a swimming pool, a simple sports field for badminton, an outdoor social and dining space, or a farmland, make good use of the area.

Parking for up to 3 vehicles

This enlarged parking space is ideal for big families or families who often have guests over. Because the house itself is massive, the garage has to be just as big to complement it.

Various materials used

Yes, we did mention that this is a modern house. However, as you can see here, the architects have recycled traditional materials into the design. To give the exterior more diversity and contrast, gray stones are patterned nicely so the house doesn’t look too boring from the outside.


This balcony on the second-floor of the house allows you to carry out any kinds of leisure activities, including bird-watching or star-gazing. Time to take out those binoculars from the dungeon!

Cozy patio

This wide patio is another spot for social activities to be carried out. You can place a couch here to relax, or an outdoor barbecue grill for holiday get-togethers and parties!

Large table

If you love inviting friends or relatives over for gatherings, don’t forget to select a large-enough dining table for the patio!

Come see the inside

Let’s take a look at the interior! As soon as you reach inside, you will find an open living room furnished with armchairs and couches. 

Of course, you are welcome to adjust it to your taste or purposes! You can also modify it to a recreation room where you and your friends can dance and party. Or, you can convert it into a working space if you wish to have a home office. Just be creative!

Semi-open interior

The design of the interior is to construct a semi-open space. There is a minimal use of walls, and doors are used instead to separate the areas from each other.

Dining room

The dining room is decorated with modern elements and follows an interesting color scheme. The dark frames produce a nice contrast to the creamy white tones.


This kitchen doesn’t seem very big, but it has everything you need in it—a stove, countertop, etc. The high chairs are a trend in modern houses, perfect for a simple and quick meal in the morning.

High ceilings

One of the reasons why the house looks so spacious is its tall ceiling. It gives a great sense of openness.

Upper floor

Now let’s take a look at the second floor!

Bedroom 1

With bright colors like hot pink and blue, this bedroom is made suitable for children especially. To give it a little bit more space for activities, choose a smaller bed that’s the perfect size for your kid.

Bedroom 2

This is the masters bedroom for the adults. With an earth-color scheme and wider floor plan, this area is where you can get some peace of mind to yourself.


Beautifully decorated in neutral gray, the bathroom comes with a large mirror and standing shower.

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