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An eclectic-style house with the fantasy of a rooftop terrace

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Modern, classic, or Scandinavian… any one of these particular interior styles will seemingly stand out. But what's so special when everyone recycles the same modern, classic or Scandinavian styles for their houses? Rather than a typical interior that adopts only one style, let’s take a look at this eclectic house that has uniquely combined and mixed various elements into one. Designed by MOB ARCHITECTS from Rome, this Italian house consists of an alluring interior and rooftop terrace. Let the tour begin!

Entrance with a peek of the terrace

This is what you'll see the moment you enter the house. The soft gray color scheme creates a sophisticated and gentle atmosphere, whereas the large window on the right gives you a welcoming peek at the rooftop terrace and its stunning view. Architects also constructed this two-level staircase that leads you into the living room.

Bright living room with immense lighting

The spacious interior allows natural sunlight to distribute thoroughly. The curved design is also a unique characteristic of the living room. To avoid it from looking too cramped, minimal furniture is used so that it won’t be too intimidating. In the room, you will find a sofa, an unobtrusive table, a red cabinet and TV set, along with embedded lightings on the high ceilings above to give a modern feel. Additionally, a picture frame is placed in the corner so the walls won’t look too empty.

Unique and exquisite decorations

Let’s have a closer look at the living room. In the corner next to the couch, exquisite items are placed to add more uniqueness to the space. On the opposite side of the sofa, you can see a small rising platform in front of the glass windows, complemented with cushions on both sides for you to sit and enjoy a sunny afternoon. Above it, you’ll find an antique wall decor mounted on top. The living room overall sets off a modern and clean impression.

Spacious terrace surrounded by garden fences

Step out of the house where you will be greeted by a panoramic view of the sky. Compared to the sneak peek we saw earlier, the terrace looks much wider. The flooring is finished with natural wood materials, and is contrasted by the eye-catching hot pink sofa sitting right in the middle. The surrounding fences wrapped around with vines and flowers also add to the romantic atmosphere.

Modern and ethnic harmony

The large table is perfectly designed for outdoor dining. The ethnic patterns and wrought iron chairs add authenticity to it. The light reflected by the white exteriors also contribute significantly to the family-friendly environment.

Rooftop terrace with stunning views

Enjoy a relaxed evening at the terrace surrounded by mountain ridges and peaceful city landscapes. A mini-table is attached to this cute circular sofa-bed so you can enjoy the scenery with a nice glass of wine or tea. To enhance its romantic feel, the architects have included a classic street lamp as decoration. 

Wider living room

In addition to the relatively small living room we saw previously, here is a larger one for even greater social activities. The fireplace and golden frames on the walls leave a classic and profound impression, while the hollowed-in bookshelf adds to a more neat and modern style. The blend of classic and modern elements is perfect, as it emphasizes the aura of elegance within the room. Painted with neutral colors of low saturation, plenty of sunlight is reflected through the windows as well to create this bright but calm environment.

Contrast between modern and classic

The TV set mounted onto the wall reflects modernity. Meanwhile, the large oil paintings on the opposite side is a contrast of classicality. It provides a perfect balance in the room.

From this perspective, you can notice another room right next to the living room. Before entering it, you will see these two antique gold countertops and lamps placed next to the open entrance. 

Dining room with an eclectic style

Once you’ve crossed the living room, you will enter this circular dining hall decorated with an enchanting chandelier, rich-colored furnitures and an oriental pottery in the centre. The edgy and eclectic charm makes the room a total scene-stealer. 

Practical and elegant bedroom

The bed, marble table, curtains and wall paintings follow a strict beige color scheme, displaying a rather simple but elegant style. What’s notable though is the dressing room behind. With this walk-in closet, there is no need to include another wardrobe in the bedroom, which allows the room to remain clean and minimalist overall. Again, a combination of both modern and classic elements can be distinctively seen. 

Adorable kid’s room

This adorable kid’s room is decorated with white sheer lace curtains and pink-colored wallpapers. On top of the wall, a long shelf is built to neatly store the children’s toys and books. The room looks very children-friendly in general!

Kitchen with rich lightings

Take a look at this modern kitchen. Adopting a black and white theme, an extra wooden table is placed in the centre to add a slight touch of warmth and contrast. You'll also notice the two spectacular Scandinavian lights used. They certainly give the kitchen a more futuristic and stylish look!

The bathroom tiles consist of unique and ethnic patterns, well-balanced overall with a modern taste.

An illuminated night at the rooftop terrace

At night, all the lights on the terrace are turned on to create a romantic and cozy atmosphere.

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