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12 homes with relaxing outdoor areas

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Everyone has a dream home in mind, but whether you prefer a modern bungalow or a classic villa, a wonderful outdoor area can transform a plain residence into a neighborhood standout.

It’s easy to forget about the little corners beyond the front door. However, these spots are important in setting the tone of the home design. In some houses, it is part of the façade and one of the first things passers-by see. In others, it can provide an extension of the living space, so the residents have the option to relax outdoors.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be terribly complicated. First, get inspired by these homify picks of beautifully decorated outdoor areas. From green zones to refreshing sitting areas, this list could help you envision a new nook for your own residence. Enjoy!

1. Japanese style wooden house with a terrace

The nature-inspired wooden house sports a look that is fresh and airy. Full-length glazing keep the interiors very bright while providing a great view of the surrounding greenery.

It is cozy and quite small, but the architect manages to create space for a wraparound terrace. Notice how the designers were able to avoid cutting existing trees unnecessarily by carving holes on the flooring.

2. Family lawn

For large families, an expansive backyard where the children can run and play is priceless. Not all properties have such a large expanse of land, so if you do, make it count! An elevated terrace – like the one featured above – gives the parents a shaded area to relax on as they keep an eye on the kids.

3. Simple two-storey residence

Meet a two-storey light grey home that exudes a modern style with an emphasis on simplicity. Create a little dimension in a very boxy design by creating a front entrance area with some depth. This is not just an element that gives the house extra depth, but this space can also serve as a cozy patio area for the residents.

4. Modern white house with front walkway

This white residence features an ultra-modern design with plenty of narrow windows. The numerous windows help keep the house bright and airy inside. One of the features that add to the beauty of this home is the walkway winding around the structure. This element makes it more pleasant for residents to spend time outside.

5. Abode with a hip roof

The ideal family home, this wonderful house has enough room to host a large group of residents both inside and outside. The dark sloped roof add warmth and an inviting atmosphere to the house, and the prominently white exterior goes perfectly with the bright wooden elements in the façade.

6. Boxy home with “tea space” on the side

Tea time may not be very common in the Philippines, but doesn’t the al fresco area featured above look perfect for afternoon tea? Softly colored chairs and dainty tables provide the perfect foil to the straight lines and boxy design of the two-storey residence behind it. Plant a few flowers to frame the patio, so the space looks even more inviting to guests.

7. White home with lots of wood

Here’s another example of white paint and wood going well together. It’s beautifully decorated with the main living spaces painted in white. Other parts of the house like the shed shown above feature stunning wooden walls. The wooden elements create a more interesting façade to live in.

8. Bright orange residence

This two-storey house may seem quite ordinary, but the shades of orange in the façade really make it more exciting. With the terrace tiles and wood elements, the hues are a particularly good look for tropical settings like the Philippines. The outdoor sitting area is a pleasant place to spend breezy weekends at.

9. A single-storey house that’s easy to build

A simple single-storey house can be an incredible living space even if the space is limited inside. The architect used gypsum boards on the wall, which is easy to use and assemble, while the glass sliding doors provide a wonderful entrance to the house. The wraparound terrace is narrow but a pleasant spot to hang out on, especially when it features design pieces such as potted plants and flowers.

10. Building with sloped roof

The compact two-storey home features a sloped roof with prominent large glass windows. The shaded porch is a great place to look over the expansive lawn where the family can enjoy picnics and get-togethers together.

11. Spacious and elegant residence

Dark hues and warm lighting create an elegant atmosphere in this rectangular two-storey house. From the outside, it’s quite striking with dark colors perfectly complementing the full-length glass windows throughout the façade. The second floor terrace enjoys privacy with tall railings painted in black.

12. Warm and bright modern cottage

Stay at peace in a restful home that allows you a beautiful view of your surroundings. In this single-storey residence, natural materials are used throughout to create a laidback vibe that lets the residents feel truly relaxed. The shaded nook outside provides a charming spot for al fresco meals with the family.

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