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15 small patios with cool ideas you can copy

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Your small patio may not be a very big one, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be the perfect one for you. With some creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, any outdoor space can be transformed into a charming extension of the residence.

In this ideabook, we present a number of homes that can give you great ideas for decorating very small patios. Make the most of sunny days and beautiful surroundings by creating a cozy oasis outside for the whole family.

9. Use plants to brighten up the space

There are many ways to use flowers and plants when decorating the home. In the yard, these elements can be the heart and soul of the entire design proposal. Endless of possibilities exist including hanging pots on the walls of the patio like the featured home above. Make sure you pick plants that suit the climate of your neighborhood. If you’re new to gardening, opt for plant species that are very easy to maintain such as aloes and snake plants.

10. Comfortable chairs

Comfortable seating is essential when creating your outdoor hangout. However, comfort is not the only purpose of adding chairs in the patio. When decorating small patios, choosing multi-functional furniture that can also act as design pieces keeps the space uncluttered and modern. 

Note that not everything has to match everything else. Sometimes, a single piece that stands out can benefit the overall composition.

11. Distribute furniture and accessories evenly

Balance is important in small yard decoration. While deciding the layout of the patio, ensure that you maximize the room and spread the furniture throughout the available space. Precise measurements is absolutely crucial when shopping for new pieces. When you’re done picking and laying out the furniture in the patio, complement it with decorative elements like hanging plants, throw pillows and candles.

12. Create a tranquil Zen garden using sand, stones and plants

Zen gardens, typical of oriental culture, offer simple compositions that are full of style. The use of certain elements – sand, stones, plants and even water – allow designers to give life to a small patio without making it too crowded. Install lights here so you can enjoy the beautiful corner you’ve created from day to night.

13. Less is more

When in doubt, go minimalist. A small garden is perfect for this aesthetic as you can compose a beautiful space without too many elements crowding the space. Achieve a balanced environment by choosing a few key pieces that can attract the eye. Clean lines and graceful curves are often part of a minimalist space.

14. Colorful flowers

Another way to make small patios more elegant without adding too much is by planting colorful flowers. Even by itself, vibrant flowers will make a small corner more lovely and lively. This is perfect for residences with narrow patios and very little space for other decorative pieces.

7. Hammocks

If you want to create an ultra-relaxing patio where residents can escape to at any time of the day, why not add a hammock to the picture? For sure, the hammock will be a welcome addition, transforming your small patio into the ideal area for chilling out and relaxing. Surround it with plants to highlight the tropical inspiration of the space even more.

6. Vertical garden

With so many people converging in urban environments,  vertical gardens are becoming more and more in vogue. It’s an ingenious way to add green spaces to smaller homes. In the featured patio, the small patio has little space to create a garden on the ground but manages to showcase a green oasis with a flourishing vertical garden.

5. Play around with different materials

Remember, always pay close attention to the details, especially when decorating a space of small dimensions. Don’t be afraid to play subtly with materials and textures. The combination of stones, wooden pavement and plants always helps break the monotony and give character to a small patio.

4. Don't stick to a single type of plant

Choosing plants to decorate a house is a matter of taste, but getting several types allow the homeowner to create interesting compositions and add a bit of dynamism to the patio.

3. Colors

The combination of different colors is one of the elements used by interior designers and landscapers to create optical illusions that change the perception of spaces. For small patios, it’s no different. Neutral colors on the floor can help it stand out against an eye-popping color of the walls, as shown in the patio above.

2. Play with the perspective with plants of different sizes

This featured patio is quite small, but it doesn’t look very cramped. Instead of crowding the limited space with so many plants on the ground, the homeowner chose to keep the lawn relatively free. A tree and flourishing vines on the walls keep the space verdant and visually expand the patio.

1. Trees and outdoor seats

Outdoor seating is always convenient as it establishes the patio as a place the residents can sit and enjoy being outdoors – not just pass through. Plant a sizeable tree near the chairs to act as a natural shade to the cozy nook.

8. Unique furniture and decorative pieces

While it’s always inspiring to hunt for small yard ideas from more experienced designers, injecting your own personality to the space is always a good idea. Unique pieces – like the checkered chairs above – add some character to a patio and make it a more pleasant place to be in.

15. A decorative planter

Creativity is the key element to give your tiny patio a life of its own. Fun planters let you fill the patio with greenery and create a stylish environment without the homeowners having to spend an arm and a leg. One way to save even more is by planting plants in old recycled furniture for an original and eco-friendly patio.

Do you want to see more outdoor spaces to inspire you to create your own? Here are 10 patio designs for the perfect siesta. Enjoy!

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