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7 Energy-efficient houses in Korea

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Technology is constantly evolving to efficiently utilize scarce resources. Renewable energy like solar and wind power are dominating as major energy alternatives nowadays. These techniques have slowly affected the fields of construction too. If you look at the housing market, you will understand how energy-efficient houses are the centre of attention these days. The objective is to create a comfortable indoor environment while efficiently saving energy. Are you wondering how this is going to work? Keep reading then!

A simple way to save energy is to, obviously, not use it. But this is impossible! Above all, it is more important to identify usage habits and discover ways to utilize energy efficiently. How about storing energy for a period of time, then use it afterwards? Whether you are using solar panels for heating and electricity, or geothermal to create ideal room temperatures, there are many ways to save energy. The 7 houses introduced in this article are all real-life examples on energy conservation. Now let’s take a look and get inspired!

1. An energy-efficient house where two generations live together but separately

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The first house we are looking at is an energy-efficient home designed by HOMENTO. The houses they design are often tailored to retired elderly couples who wish to live with their children and their family. Although they share the same compartment, separate floors are given to each family to sustain their own privacy. The idea is to maintain constant distance between the two generations. So in terms of saving energy, architects have installed solar panels to both the first and second floors. The exterior of the two-storey house is constructed with bricks and lightweight wooden materials, giving it some cozy vibe.

2. A passive house that overlooks the beach

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Passive houses have been grabbing attention in the housing market recently, for which they are the key to achieving a comfortable living environment with minimum energy expenditure. This single-family house, designed by Roy House, overlooks the southwest part of Seokpo Bay in South Korea. Highly insulated and airtighted windows are installed, along with energy-efficient window blinds and SIP (Structured Insulated Panel) assembled to the walls. Thanks to the solar PV modules, it can save up to 80% more energy compared to regular houses.

3. An energy-efficient house located on a slope

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This single-family house, located on a slope, has taken into consideration the insulation and airtightness performance in its walls and roof in order to prevent moisture from coming inside. Architects also used small windows to protect the privacy of its residents. 

4. An eco-friendly passive house

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Designed by JHY Architect Company, this eco-friendly passive house stands out among their other projects. As requested by the client, professionals have assembled solar panels on the roof to fuel majority of the house’s electricity. Underneath the roof, ceiling fans and an environmental-friendly air conditioning system are also installed for effective ventilation. This design will definitely guarantee you a comfortable and pleasant living environment.

5. Saving energy economically at the right scale

The next energy-efficient house we are looking at is designed by Enerzip. Just from its first impression, the compact and clean outlook seems quite advantageous to energy conservation. Windows with high insulation performance are placed all over the house to attract both natural sunlight and wind into the interior. The petite size of the house in general also contributes to lowering management costs.

6. An eco-friendly and energy-efficient house designed for kids

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The turbulent air in the city is a major cause to various diseases. Hence, many people wish to reside in rural areas and live among the nature. Let’s take a look at this single-family house surrounded by nature, away from the busy Seoul city. Designed by bomhousing, this apartment is eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and highly favorable for families with kids. Since the skeleton of the building was initially constructed with a lightweight steel frame, renovation cost and time were able to be reduced. Large windows that overlook the natural environment also help enhance energy conservation due to high levels of sunlight penetrating through. 

7. An eco-friendly house with traditional architectural designs

Finally, we will be exploring this horticultural house fashioned with traditional architectural designs. Taking consideration its surrounding landscape, the entire house is arranged at a lower height with completely sealed tiled-roof. The exterior walls of the house are covered with cement which is an excellent way to save energy due to its high insulation effect. Combined with traditional materials and characteristics, we present you this eco-friendly house that will save you lots of energy.

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