mediterranean Study/office by Casa Josephine

An artistic Mediterranean-style gallery aparment

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Casa Josephine, also known as a ‘unique’ interior architect, is based in La Latina, Madrid. The apartment designed by Casa is full of charisma. Whimsical frames, sculptures and artworks covering the walls, colors filling every corner of the house.. Indoor plants and natural decorations are also used to give the space a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Let's take a closer look at this charming Mediterranean-style house!

1. A strong first impression

Once you step inside the apartment, you will be welcomed by a massive amount of color, pattern and prints. This includes a vintage camera, vase, lamp and various photo frames. On top you will see a big airplane model which creates a sense of life. And this is what we call a lively and imposing design.

2. A space designed with unique aesthetics

The library, decorated with books, arts and plants, is the driving force and centre of creativity in the house. The arrangement overall looks somewhat spontaneous and unplanned. But if you look closely, the bookshelf, picture frames and desk are all coordinated in a way to produce balance within the area. This is also what makes the design unique and aesthetically-pleasing.

3. Captivating decor

4. Colorful tones

5. Green plants to add a sense of freshness

The whole apartment is decorated with fresh plants. From small and cute flower pots to large imposing plants, a lively atmosphere is created using various shapes and sizes.

6. A nostalgic image

The dining area is designed in a classic country style with a touch of modernness. Wooden furniture, rustic decorations and colors are used to recreate the old-school vibe. It is definitely a space that will trigger nostalgia and emotions.

7. Country-style details

8. Vintage props

9. Inspired by the sunset

This area is inspired by the image of a sunset. The golden tones of color give off a warm and pleasant feeling. Above the curtain rail, you can also find hand-decorated floral dishwares mounted onto the plain white wall, which adds to the charisma in the room.

10. A desk with artistic sense

The work table is layered with patterns and colors, including vintage polaroids and old frames. It creates a dreamy atmosphere that allows you to cross between the past and present.

11. A switch in mood

The atmosphere in the bedroom of this apartment is very different from the styles we saw earlier. It looks quiet, clean and delicate. The white interior reflects sunlight through the windows, which helps maintain the brightness within the room. Colorful decorations are eliminated to deliver this clean image.

12. A neutral interior

13. A blend of green, black and white

A combination of black, white and green is used to decorate the bathroom using monochrome pictures and soft ferns. It is designed to create a calm space to relax.

14. Colorful frames, decorations and accessories

The kitchen cabinet is considered to be one of the most unique decorations in the apartment. Although there are many other noticeable furnitures or paintings in the house, this cabinet expresses an aesthetic sense of art. The kitchenware and tablecloths are placed and arranged neatly and symmetrically. The combination of color and texture produces a perfect blend.

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