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Stairs: 15 great ideas for houses with little space

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The stairs are an essential part of any multi-storey residence. Whether you live in a expansive mansion or a tiny abode, you have to make space for a staircase. However, when you have a small floor area to work with, it can be challenging to design a staircase that is both functional, stylish and lean enough to fit in the limited zone.

Assess the home, seek professional help if needed and don’t be afraid to get a little creative. For this ideabook, we’re giving you 15 amazing ideas for stairs that occupy little space.

1. A ladder that works with the backdrop

Remember, none of the elements in your house exist in a vacuum. Always consider the other factors in the room when designing for the interiors, including the staircase.

Here, we see how the sleek modern staircase complements the vertical garden behind it and the beautiful garden around it. It’s slightly curved to fit the space and is made of materials that are strong but easy on the eyes.

2. Spiral design

A spiral staircase is the perfect alternative for interiors with little space, like this case. Along with taking up just a minimal part of the house, the modern and intricate design is very eye-catching – it’s never really out of style.

3. Two sections

There are a number of types of stairs that are suited to occupy little spaces. This one seeks to provide a greater sense of space by constructing it against the wall, using the same color as the backdrop and opting not to install handrails in the lower section. (In the upper section, a handrail is added for security.)

4. Futuristic effect

This industrial-style staircase model is ultra-modern with floating design that uses plenty of glass and steel. While striking, this type of look only suits similarly modern homes. The featured home also shows that you don’t have to stick to a single staircase design inside the house. Pick a different design for each floor to keep the décor dynamic throughout.

5. Wooden staircase

This natural wooden staircase has been custom-built to seamlessly adapt to the wall of this house and follow its curves. Without railing, the beautifully colored staircase doesn’t look as narrow as it really is. However, this makes it unsuitable for households with very young children.

6. Foldable ladder

When figuring out how to make a staircase fit in very little space, consider actually putting it away? A folding ladder for the attic or a storage area can be tucked out of sight when it is not in use. This way, you can save a lot of space in the room.

7. Half a meter wide

Your staircase can be narrower than you think. After all, a skinny one can function just as well as a large one. The steps on the featured staircase are only about half a meter wide, but does the job well while looking amazing.

8. Go simple

This option is the simplest of the entire list. A traditional staircase that features simple lines and lightweight materials, it goes surprisingly well with any style of interior design. It might not be as sturdy as built in staircases, but it can do the trick for accessing mezzanines or if you want something super discreet and minimalist.

9. Modern and minimal

Speaking of minimalist designs, here’s another one that’s another good example. Like the previous one, this slim staircase option is perfect for apartments that feature a loft or a mezzanine. It hardly reduces traffic space and has a very modern industrial look.

10. Stairs in the corridor

Having trouble finding a good spot for the stairs? Try the corridor. Here, we see it integrated as part of the entry hall with charming decorative touches such as warm lighting and a small lamp underneath it to keep the dark spaces bright and welcoming.

11. Multi-functional

No doubt, this is a design that's truly one of a kind. Light wood and steel create a little nook that doesn’t even look like a staircase. It fulfills endless potential with so many functions such as a ladder, storage area, side table and desk, among others. This is how you make the most of a limited space.

12. Well-lit and well-designed

Light can be a great ally in making the room appear much more spacious and airy. For stairs, keeping the space bright with ample lighting can keep it from looking cramped – even if it has very narrow steps.

13. Maximize the space underneath

Staircases often take up a huge chunk of the house because the residents fail to utilize the perfectly usable space underneath. While the headspace in this corner may not be enough for full-grown adults, this hollow space can be ideal for kids. Create a play area for children here, a room of their very own just like Harry Potter’s.

14. More ideas for under the stairs

No children, no problem. Transform the space underneath the staircase into a cozy sitting area. It can also be a makeshift storage area or even a roomy spot where guests can leave their coats and bags. 

15. Hidden staircase

Instead of being part of the main design of the house, this staircase is tucked behind a wall. Not only is this an original and attractive style, but it also allows some measure of privacy towards the residents who would prefer to keep their rooms away from guests and other prying eyes.

Interested in designs that are more out of the box? Walk this way: 9 creative ideas for your staircase

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