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10 advice by professionals on interior design

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Whether it’s a building, an interior, or simply a place where someone lives, there are many things to consider. A good amount of time is needed in planning and designing. Even after developing the basics, a lot of effort and time are still spent on modifying until the best result is achieved. Hence, we have gathered some advice from professionals you need to consider when designing your interior! 

1. Consider the use for each space when constructing an open area

The living room, kitchen, and dining room are spaces that serve for various purposes. However, they all have one thing in common: a social place where family members gather together and perform some sort of activities. In many cases, these three areas are combined into one to create more points of contact for the members in the house. Without walls or doors between them, the area will look more spacious than it actually is. Sunlight can also distribute more thoroughly, which helps brighten up the house. 

On the other hand, you should not forget that these three places have a function of its own; the living room as a living room, the kitchen as a place for cooking, the dining room for eating. Make sure that each room should contain only appropriate furnitures and accessories that belong there. Otherwise, it will become a mess!

2. Consider the floor area and size of furniture

Interior design usually begins with either moving out or renovating. As a result, many people tend to buy new furnitures for a new style or atmosphere. As the floor area and construction of your new place will be different, one important factor to consider is the size of the furnitures. For instance, if you want to leave more floor space to use, you can have built-in cabinets in your house.

3. Consider if the wall or wallpaper go together with your room

If you are looking for a new style, you might as well consider changing your wall, either by applying wallpapers or paint. If you wish to create more space in your room, you might want to opt for bright, white or neutral colors.

4. Think about how to give the room its own color

You will have to put greater effort on arranging and placing furnitures, if you wish to either alter or expand the structure of your floor area. The more time spent, the faster you want it to be done. Hence, it is common for people to settle with furniture sets at times like this. According to experts, furniture sets are often used to create a consistent and clean environment. Although there is no problem in this, you should still pay high attention on giving your room its own color. Even if the furniture is small, it will suffice if it can give the area some sort of personality.

5. Materials obtained from nature will last longer

If you are debating on what materials to use in decorating your interior, you might want to consider using natural materials like wood and stone. Although they cost more, they are stylish, well loved and long-lasting.

6. Get rid of unnecessary items to avoid turning the room into a mess

When decorating and styling an interior, avoid complicating it. Sort and get rid of unnecessary items. Fill the space with only things you need, and keep it clean and tidy!

7. Consider the coordination of the whole area

Sometimes, you have to sacrifice your own preference for the sake of the greater good. For instance, you might have to give up the color or pattern you like, if it does not match well with the room. An important point about interior design is that it doesn’t depend on the individual, but the harmony it creates as a whole.

8. Choose the right lighting

Lighting is another important element, but is not mandatory. When choosing the lights to be used, the structure of the given space must be considered along with the ceiling and height. For example, if you have a house with high ceiling, you can use chandeliers or lights that extend down.

9. Create a balanced environment

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While it is nice to have a clean and minimalist environment, it is also necessary to balance it with some contrast. Try to select furnitures of different tones to bring out the layers of color in the room. However, be careful not to involve too many colors and styles.

10. Utilize the stairs

If you happen to have a multi-storey apartment, you should also pay close attention on the design of the stairs. It is good to use it as an element to bring out the house’s style.

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