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10 budget-friendly ideas for the garden

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Let’s face it, landscaping can be very pricey. While it’s important to keep the garden well-maintained and pretty, the sheer expense of doing so means there are a lot of gardens out there that end up falling in disarray. Though money may be tight, don’t let yours be one of them. There are plenty of ways to breathe new life into the garden without spending an arm and a leg.

From adding charming little accessories to DIY projects that make use of your green thumb, you can definitely update your home with a few bucks and a bit of creative thinking. Try these 10 simple gardening tricks that lets you create a gorgeous outdoor space without breaking the bank.

1. Clean the yard and plant a new tree

The first thing to do when renovating any part of the house is to start with what you already have. Make sure you’re starting with a clean slate by pulling out the weeds and dead grass in the garden and cutting the grass to a manageable height. Then, when the landscape is neat and clean, it’s time to bring in a new piece. New shrubs or even a tree can make an old garden feel fresh instantly.

2. Try a zen garden

Perhaps it’s in the wake of so much chaos in the world that zen gardens have become increasingly more popular over the years. For homeowners who want a quiet corner they can retreat to, this minimalist garden is the way to go. It’s also quite simple and cheap to achieve with very few elements other than pebbles and water involved.

3. Opt for an indoor garden

Some may want a garden inside the house to create a green atmosphere in their living space and provide a tranquil place for the residents. These types of gardens are particularly suitable for large houses with a central courtyard and high ceilings. A professional landscaper can help you create an indoor garden that is perfect for your home.

4. Add comfortable seats

A garden is nice to look at, but it should also be one of the most pleasant areas in the house to relax in. Why not add a few chairs to your outdoor space, so you can spend some time here? Some designers stick to natural materials like wood, but you can also opt for vibrant colors and modern designs as an interesting contrast to the verdant backdrop.

5. Create a garden in small spaces

Not all properties have a dedicated garden area in the front or back of the house. Sometimes, you have to find the best spot in the house to transform into a stunning garden. If you have a sliver of space in the side of the house, fill it with an abundance of plants and flowers to create a vibrant space. A stone walkway completes the quaint picture. Gravel is a cheaper option than pavement.

6. Lighting is essential

Lighting is actually an important part of the design of any room, but in the garden it’s evne more crucial. Make sure that the plants are positioned so that they get optimum sunlight. At night, artificial lighting helps keep the garden a wonderful sight. Buy fairy lights and string them up trees or shrubs to create a magical atmosphere in your own backyard.

7. Start a mini vegetable garden

An original and charming design is to dedicate a small corner of the garden to vegetables or herbs. Not only does it look great, but it also yields produce you can actually eat! Container gardening – wine crates are a cheap option – is quite easy, and its portable nature makes it easy to redecorate and reposition the garden at any time of the year.

8. Plant bright flowers and trees

The best accessories in the garden are the plants themselves. So, choose eye-catching ones. Plants with colorful foliage like caladiums inject natural vibrance to the garden.

9. Small garden at the entrance

To make guests feel instantly at home when they approach your door, add some flourishing plants to line the path up to the house. A tree can even be planted by the door to provide some privacy and shade.

10. Install curved edging

Edging is a time-and-tested method of injecting some character to the garden. Curved edges in the flower beds and plants are even more interesting and appealing. Whether you’re using stones, bricks or other materials, this is an easy and affordable way to spruce up the look of your garden.

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