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14 inspirations for your bedroom wall

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Your bedroom is your personal space. It's where you enjoy intimate moments or those times when you prefer to just be an introvert. Other times, it doubles as a work space. In any case, it's quite fitting that we also mix things up inside our bedrooms to bring life and productivity to our activities. Aside from changing furniture pieces, you can go for the subtle one like decorating your walls. See these 14 inspirations for bedroom walls!

1. Hang photos

Developed photos seem to be a thing of the past these days given the new media technology that's available. Nevertheless, there is some comfort when we find those who truly treasure memories and breathe life into them by posting them creatively along walls. Why not do the same in your room? Post the ones which allow you to reminisce on the good days so that every time you unwind, good things come to mind.

2. Play with color

The color white always conveys lightness and space, but when it gets a little too dull, you can try repainting your walls with complementary colors like green and pink or play with shades of a particular color! Remember though to balance solid colors with lighter ones and to match your furnishings with the wall colors so that it'll all look visually put-together.

3. Use wallpaper

From funky to classy, there are a number of wallpapers to choose from these days. The reason being that they're just so adorable and you can match your personality with the prints available! Isn't that delightful? Now here's your chance to channel your creativity and let the world-or at least your guests-know who you really are through the theme of your wallpaper which by the way could be replaced every now and then, provided you have the budget.

4. Brick the walls

Years ago, having brick walls inside bedrooms were impossible. Now, you can have them anywhere! We're talking about the legit brick walls which evoke an industrial feel especially when paired with wood and black details. Nonetheless, synthetic brick walls are also sold in the market. Check out some professionals which provide wall-related services for more information.

5. Place mirrors

When you have limited bedroom space, the white color does a lot of help but aside from it you can also go for mirrors. These provide an instant visual illusion of additional space. To truly maximize that effect, select tall and larger ones with classy frames so you get lots of wows from your guests.

6. Make a statement with pictures

Another sure way to enliven up a bedroom is by placing large-format black and white photos along walls or just a little on top of your headboard. In fact, you can also go for pop-art-esque images to capture that mod 60s vibe. Well, truth be told, the choice of what image to put will be yours anyway so go ahead! Is it music? Art? Nature? Travel?

7. Invest on decals

Decorative vinyls are quite a thing these days. You've probably read about them in the many websites or magazine articles that you've encountered in searching for what you would do to enhance your bedroom. We won't argue because the wall stickers in vinyl or the so-called decals are just adorable. Like with wallpapers, you can choose the ones that reflect your personality. We personally like the ones in black or grey because they create a subtle yet animated effect to an otherwise blank wall.

8. Go light with pastels

Soft colors or pastel tones are great default colors for most bedrooms because of the calming and light environment that they evoke. These colors also look lovely against white and yellow lights.

9. Exhibit art

If you're like us at homify who are self-proclaimed raiders of lost art, then hanging art pieces in bare walls that serve as canvases would also tickle your fancy. Surely, you have a lot of pieces in mind already. If not, take a trip to your nearest art or antique store to score a great deal.

10. Bring back the rustic

Another interesting trend today is the rustic style which incorporates shabby chic with modern elements. This interior by Laral Pujol in Barcelona, Spain, for example, blends stone, wood, plaster, and glass materials to create a clean palette and design! Note how lovely they also look when lit by sunlight.

Check out these rustic bedrooms for a clearer idea.

11. Concretize your design

Concrete, these days, exudes a sophisticated vibe when used to achieve minimalist and industrial themes at interior design. If you're going for this material, try choosing finer finishes like micro-cement which has that effortless, polished effect.

12. Light up spaces

Plainly speaking, proper lighting can set you miles apart from bedrooms of mundane value. If you've been to hotels and noted their interior designs, you would find that a big factor to why those often feel luxurious is because of the amount of lighting that they project against walls. Hence, why not channel that lifehack into your own personal space? And if you have textured walls, boy, would it also spell a huge difference.

13. Pick vibrant tones

So you have the decals and the wall painting considered right? One other thing you can think about is opting for a vibrant palette. We're talking about a nice combination of carnation with soft pinks and white, for example, and incorporate that in your choice of decals, wall paint, and photos or art pieces.

14. Grow a vertical garden

Our last inspiration are these vertical gardens that have frequented interior design magazines of late. If you're trapped in an urban jungle, it can be suffocating to be away from nature. You're next best solution is going for a vertical garden along your indoor walls. To achieve this, you will have to play with design, location, and materials which wouldn't seem so taxing especially when you already have the greenthumb and creativity within you.

See these 9 charming plants for the bedroom too!

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