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10 Feng Shui Tips to Keep Off the Bad Energy

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It doesn't hurt to impose a particular belief in deciding your interior decoration and architecture. In fact, you cannot really avoid it in choosing where your bed would be facing or where the mirror should be placed because these beliefs have basically become part of most cultures, even more so for a traditionalist like the Philippines. Thus, we explore a few tips from the philosophy of Feng Shui. Recall further that Feng Shui, in a nutshell, provides a careful system of keeping ourselves in harmony with our environment. Check out some of these pieces of advice which could prove helpful in boosting the energy at home or driving away the bad ones.

1. Have a welcoming entrance

When we enter a stranger's or a friend's house, there is often a peculiar energy that engulfs us which is brought about by a combination of things. To attract a positive energy, there has to be a careful and strategic choice and placement of items. For one you can place a mirror just by the entrance. This works even in narrow spaces since mirrors magically widen and brighten spaces.  Aside from which, place and arrange some flowers by the entrance too because they instantly perk up the receiving area.

2. Dispose of broken objects

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Feng Shui practice believes that broken objects must be thrown away because these only serve to give negative energy or disrupt positive energy from flowing inside the home. We know how a 20-year-old couch can be difficult to let go, but when the frames, the spring or the cushions have given up, it's also time for you to give them up and bring in something new and positive.

3. Let air circulate

Hygiene isn't the only reason why homeowners open their windows. A great part of it is also to let the good vibes inside. Moderate light flooding your home during the day is the quickest way to wake up and infuse happiness to your interiors. So raise those blinds, windows, or perhaps leave open your backyard door and allow the sun to brighten up your home.

4. Avoid hoarding

Some of us have the habit of unnecessarily keeping things. Others have it worse for developing a compulsive hoarding disorder. But don't worry because some things, really, aren't meant to stay forever and the only way to truly feel good is to determine those things that block you from feeling that way and slowly letting go of them. Those things that you keep but don't need could also be the very reason why you're stressing out so much. So, just try channeling the minimalist attitude.

5. Place a peace lily inside

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Summer Calla Lily Plant

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Plants naturally provide energy as Feng Shui advocates would say. A peace lily is one such plant which you can consider putting inside your home because not only is it pleasant-looking but it also does not need much sun plus it attracts good energy.

6. Sprinkle salt

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As strange as it sounds, salt drives out bad energy especially for those moving into a new residence. Feng Shui would recommend sprinkling salt in each room of the house, especially in corners. Allow the salt to remain in those areas for at least 24 hours so that all the bad energy from the previous occupants would be absorbed. The following day, sweep the salt and dispose them.

7. Decorate with mirrors

All right, we got ahead with this one but we're formally adding this to the list. Mirrors do more than just help you warmly welcome your guests, these also generally widen and brighten any space inside your home which give you a sense of clarity. Another exciting part of mirrors is that there are lots of designs to choose from and you can play with these depending on your interior design.

8. Head north

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Always seek the north. Feng Shui advises that in studying, sleeping, or working, it is important that our heads be directed to the north because doing so facilitates the influx of our energies with that of the planet's energy. One thing to note here is to rearrange or arrange our pieces of furniture towards this direction.

Consult some of our interior designers and decorators to help you with the arrangements.

9. Perfume with incense

The pleasant aroma of an incense raises a house's interior energy and calms the environment. What's more is that incense comes in a variety of scents to choose from. So picture yourself coming home and unwinding with a gentle and soothing aroma calming your senses. And a relaxed mind can be quite infectious so you're family can feel the same way.

10. Clean regularly

If you've been doing this, then you've long been practicing Feng Shui. This one's a no-brainer but Feng Shui philosophy emphasizes that cleaning regularly pushes away the negative energy and creates a sense of wellness among the dwellers.

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