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14 staircases perfect for small houses

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Stairs are more than just a simple element that connects the different levels of the house. Spanning the various storeys indoors, staircases can even become the epicenter of the house with a little originality and design. There are many different styles with a variety of materials, shapes and sizes.

Since the stairway has such a commanding presence in any multi-level structure, it’s important to choose the right one for your home. For small houses, stairs will take up a big chunk of the space and it’s even more crucial that you have the ideal design. In this ideabook, we present 14 of our favorite staircases that’s found in small or medium houses. Each one is spectacularly designed with a distinct style that perfectly suits the home.

Find the perfect stairs for your two-storey house with the help of our guidelines below.

1. Divided in two

We start with a narrow staircase that’s divided quite evenly into two opposite sections. The symmetry is pleasing to the eye and the neutral hues are ideal for modern houses. Underneath the staircase is a minimalist stone garden that helps develop a feeling of tranquility and harmony inside the home.

2. Simplicity in wood

This little staircase would be perfect for a duplex in the big city. It’s easy to fall in love with the simplicity and straight lines. Truly a great modern staircase for smaller houses, the suspended steps of this set make the surrounding space look much lighter and roomier.

3. Invisible railing

For small spaces, it is highly recommended to use light, thin and even transparent railings. Glass creates the illusion of space, providing a secure handrail without taking up space visually. In the featured home above, glass is used liberally from the railings to the shelves.

4. Floating staircase

With no visible structure connecting it to the ground,  floating stair designs feel somewhat elegant and ethereal.

5. Narrow stairs in the corner

This modern staircase is great for small houses. It’s tucked away in a corner, which reduces access to it but wonderfully maximizes every inch of available space in the residence. Even the tiny nook underneath finds a function with a small table and lamp to light up the hallway.

6. Two stairs, two styles

In this house, there are two sets of stairs that both go well with a small or medium house. The left staircase features a more classic look with connecting steps and a traditional railing. On the other hand, the right one has a floating design and more minimalist rails.

7. Near the window

Placing the ladder near the windows – preferably full-length ones – is always a great choice for both style and function. Not only does this positioning open up the house to the outdoors, but it also creates a great play between glass and wood – always ideal materials for making the space seem bigger.

8. Spiral staircase

Among the variety of stairs models for small houses, there’s nothing quite as interesting as the spiral staircase. Elaborate yet remarkably taking up little space, it can work just as well in tiny residences as it does in large ones. Ask your architect if this timeless and fun design can be incorporated in your own home. 

9. Ladder without structure

This is an elegant, simple and modern staircase that is a stunning choice for small houses. However, the lack of railings may not be ideal for households with children, elderly people or those with mobility difficulties.

10. Small details

If you have the ladder set against the wall, find elements that can fill the other side – especially if the staircase don’t have railings. In the featured home, the interior designer opted for a tall indoor plant. However, you can choose lamps, artworks or other decorative details to fill the space and make the staircase a much more pleasant sight.

11. Matching the house

No matter how big or small the space is, another nice option is to choose the ladder that matches the furniture (or the other way around). This creates a lovely balance throughout the house, from the ground floor to the upper levels. In this small house, the white paint of the house contrasts well with the black of the staircase and the furniture.

12. Two-way staircase

Here’s another staircase that is built in two sections. It can fit in most houses.

13. Stairs that do not touch the floor

With the last step raised a few inches from the ground, this original stair design will leave both residents and guests in awe. Staircases aren’t just all about function. It can also be a key element in the home’s design.

14. Low

Multi-level homes do not necessarily have to be the traditional two-storey house. In this example, we see a low staircase that simply takes you to a higher wing – not necessarily an upper floor above. The flat stairs makes the house seem much wider.

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