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35 great ideas for stone and brick walls

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Sometimes, a home or a room can be pleasant enough, but there is just something missing that keeps it from being a truly beautiful space. It may just be a simple detail, a beautiful piece of furniture or some other element that can give distinct character to the house.

One thing that can add extra personality to a plain room is a wall of stone or brick. This is becoming an increasingly common installation in modern homes that can completely change the atmosphere of a room.

In general, stone walls can be divided into two different types: natural stone (usually slate or quartz) and reconstituted stone that’s merely mixed cement imitating the look of natural stone. Finally, the last of the options is brick. It’s the most economical choice and fits particularly well in kitchens. While brick is quite recognizable, it offers a wide range of diversity as well from classic red bricks to white painted ones.

Whether you’re thinking of adding a stone or brick wall to the interiors or the exterior façade, it can transform your home into a more attractive place that’s full of personality. In this ideabook, we present you with 35 cool designs of stone walls and exposed brick fittings. Enjoy!

1. Stone wall in the kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to introduce a new note of elegance and character, especially since there is a limited space dedicated for décor in the kitchen. In the featured room, the black reconstituted stone wall contrasts nicely with the sleek white cabinets. It also acts much like splashback tiles as well as creates a modern and sophisticated atmosphere in the room.

2. Reconstituted stone in the living room

Wide spaces can make it difficult to focus on just one aspect of design. A reconstituted stone wall in the living room can act as the focal point, as shown in the featured room where it is strategically placed and lit behind the couch.

3. Well-lit stone wall

One important factor in adding a stone wall to the house is lighting. If it’s not properly illuminated, the beautiful décor can go unnoticed and even make the living space seem dimmer.

4. Natural stone in the dining room

Natural stone walls are the ideal choice for homeowners who want to add a rustic look to the home. It’s not necessary for all the walls to be stone; a single wall in the dining room may be enough to inject a bit of rustic charm in the space.

5. Stone corridor

Corridors and hallways in the home can be quite plain compared to the rest of the house. Instead of leaving it blank or going the usual route of hanging photographs here, try reconstituted stone. It adds life and personality to any transit space and can even make the corridor a little cooler.

6. Slate for the staircase

The stairway area is one of the busiest points of houses with more than one floor. However, its nature can make them difficult to decorate. One solution is the placement of a natural stone wall like this featured home above. As you can see, slate works beautifully with wood.

7. Niches made of natural stone

Niches have become an increasingly popular for interior design and decoration. These “holes in the walls” are aesthetically attractive, especially these ones that are natural stone quartzite.

8. Natural stone wall in the bathroom

Much like the kitchen, the bathroom has limited space for opulent decorations. Instead, built-in ones need to suffice such as this beautiful natural stone wall that makes the bath area look a lot more sophisticated and relaxing.

9. Combinations of stones

Embrace creativity! Mixing different types of natural stone – for example, slate and quartz – can make for a colorful and stunning wall. It also allows your home to be one-of-a-kind and original.

10. A successful mix of styles

Here’s another example of a designer creating an original space. The white reconstituted stone wall helps create a natural yet elegant atmosphere while a combination of rustic and modern furnishings add eclectic charm to the room.

11. Bricks and wood in the kitchen

Here’s another example of how rustic elements can appear in modern spaces and exist in incredible harmony. In the featured home, organic elements like the brick wall and wooden table add a brilliant flourish to the modern kitchen.

12. Mirrors with stone

Complete the picture by adding complementary elements near the reconstituted stone wall that draws attention to it instead of diminishing its value. Mirrors are good options – plus, it makes the space look bigger and brighter.

13. Pretty lighting to enhance reconstituted stone wall

14. Charming stone section in plain room

This room shows how installing a stone wall to even just a small section of the living room can elevate its elegance immeasurably. Without this feature, the all-white room can appear plain and much too bare. With the stone embellishment, it transforms into a stunning and cozy living space.

15. A luxury entrance

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The entrance or lobby is the first glimpse of the house, so creating a pleasant look in this space is essential. A reconstituted stone wall in the lobby evokes a tasteful yet elegant mood.

16. Slate at different heights

Notice how one wall is fully covered in slate, while the rest of the walls feature slate at just half or third of its full height. This technique is a great way to incorporate slate in the whole room for a charming “surround” effect.

17. Stone wall with a fireplace

18. Stone, stone, stone

While it’s popular to dedicate just a single wall of the room for stone, you don’t have to limit yourself to one if you don’t want to. Definitely, a bedroom or living area dressed in this material can be an inspiring place to be. Stone in a lighter hue and a healthy amount of windows can help keep the space bright and airy.

19. Natural stone in the bathroom

The beautiful thing about natural stone is that it can suit both modern and traditional styles perfectly. Here, it’s accompanied with wooden ceiling beams and other classic details such as furniture, toilets and plants. All together, the different elements keep this bathroom full of the charm of yesteryears.

20. Create industrial spaces with brick

Brick works particularly well in homes that are inspired by the industrial aesthetic. Ultra-modern, clean furniture complete the industrial style kitchen and dining area above.

21. Use the brick wall to define the various uses in the kitchen

The Great Lodge | Large Grey Painted Kitchen with Exposed Brickwork Humphrey Munson Kitchen
Humphrey Munson

The Great Lodge | Large Grey Painted Kitchen with Exposed Brickwork

Humphrey Munson

22. Natural stone wall in the living room

Although they help cool down interior spaces, the stone walls actually give the spaces a unique warmth aesthetically. Combined with other features such as natural lighting or wood flooring and ceilings, it can be key in making your room a very cozy space.

23. Exterior walls with natural stone

24. White brick

In love with an all-white aesthetic? There’s no need to give it up if you want to add stone or brick into the mix. In this featured home, the brick wall painted in white is one of the main design elements of this eclectic and lively bedroom.

25. Like stone, brick walls seen give the bathroom character

26. A charming kitchen with ceramic brick

This minimalist kitchen, with a ceramic brick backdrop, is truly full of contemporary charm. Straight lines and a black and white theme create a great vibe that’s both fresh and straight-forward.

27. Another white brick wall in the bedroom

28. A restful space with natural stone

This bedroom with sloped walls is already a comfy space, but splashing the low wall with natural stone makes it even more inviting to rest and cuddle under the sheets.

29. An exposed brick wall

A brick wall adds a little bit of classic flair to any room. When paired with vintage furniture that are filled with character, it can become the most spectacular space in the house.

30. Different types of natural stone for the stairway

31. A homey living room with stone walls and a fireplace

We fell instantly in love with this expansive living room that features a few stone walls and warm hues throughout. 

32. Natural wraparound stone

Each of the walls of this attractive apartment are covered in natural stone. Contrary to what it may seem, the choice of stone gives the space a unique character, offering a cozy and intimate atmosphere in the room.

33. Natural stone wall combined with pink granite floors

A pristine stone divider can be a great way to incorporate stone into an existing space. Here, it adds a tasteful flair to the hallway. 

34. Brick creates a contemporary and very personal atmosphere

35. The charm of natural stone

Whether it’s on just one wall or more, the charm of natural stone walls is undeniable. For people who want to add character to their nondescript walls, don’t discount the possibility of adding a brick wall or stone to your house for a sensational effect.

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