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17 pool ideas for small patios and gardens

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When you think about having a pool in your home, you often get the initial image of a wide and grandiose man-made water wonderland against a backdrop of ethereal fauna. Well, that's not always the case especially when you're working on a budget. We're here to present to you 17 equally awesome yet practical pool designs that definitely go well with limited spaces. So take out your pencil and pad paper because you just might find the perfect pool for your home!

1. Sanctuary

If we were to choose one reason why we need a pool, it would have to be because we want respite or some silent spot in our houses where natural elements could somehow meet even if those were leaning towards the artificial. This pool design by Porto Architecture + Interior Design from Mexico works with a simple yet classic combination of plants, white high walls, and a neat white lounge chair. Really, what else do you need aside from the solace that this design truly brings?

2. Shapes

In kindergarten, you might've been asked by your teacher to draw anything that resembles a rectangle. To answer that, you might've drawn a pool. These days, a pool is no longer confined to your average four-sided parallelogram. Check out this round pool that's complemented by other round elements like the outdoor chairs and foot path! Their softness offsets the edges of the other parallelogram elements in this area. Note also the soft yellow lights that exude a romantic vibe.

3. Open

Another factor to consider is the exact spot where you would be constructing your pool. Here, you would have to consider whether the spot falls underneath a shaded area. Of course the idea of a pool is to bask under the sun on a cool tub of water so being on a shaded spot doesn't really seem like a good choice. That doesn't mean however that you're prohibited from telling your pool professionals to situate your pool on a spot that's protected from the sun. By all means, that pool is yours.

4. Minimalist

The simplest tip to maximizing a small pool space would be to use fewer elements like this pool design which visually looks stunning and spacious because of the minimalist style employed.

5. Proportioned

With the many shapes, materials, and styles available out there, one can get overwhelmed. Remember however, that when you do decide to combine these elements, proportion is an important factor. This means that when you have lines and textures to work on, make sure that you balance them because things can get visually distracting and practically annoying if you go on a designing spree untamed.

6. Kid-friendly

Got kids? Plan your pool design with them in mind by taking caution with the materials you use. For flooring, invest on non-slip materials plus avoid sharp edges. This stylish yet child-friendly design might be worth-considering.

7. Indoor

Here's an indoor pool for those of you who prefer swimming with a roof overhead. It also makes use of a lap pool that is ideal for elongated spaces. A great part of these kinds of pools is that you get to control the temperature of your swimming environment as opposed to the outdoor ones which make you vulnerable to sudden weather changes.

8. Elevated

A pool on your roof deck is also a dreamy choice. Note however that you have to consider safety measures like putting up surrounding fences subject to height requirements for security.

9. Wooden

A cool part about designing pools is that you get to select materials for both function and style. Explore wood and synthetic wood for aesthetics just like this zen or oriental-inspired design that goes well with bamboo linings.

10. Planted

To avoid making your pool area look too stiff with concrete and other hard surfaces, place plant ornaments in strategic spots. Not only do they beautify the area, but they also soothe the senses as you relax on the water.

11. Lit

Illumination can do wonders to just about any architectural structure. Pool areas enjoy the same benefit. With proper lighting, your pool can look like a million bucks  just like this residential one that's definitely party ready!

12. Deep or shallow

Note the depth that you want for your pool as well. You can either go deep or shallow and even inclined from shallow to deep!  Just remember to give your guests a heads-up on how deep exactly your pool is.

13. Modern

Styles these days mix and match the classic with modern elements. Others combine Asian with Caribbean designs! Check out these different styles to match your personality and current house design.

14. Adapted

Terrains can be challenging especially when your left to work with uphill areas. Consulting professionals to help you level the area and design the pool is a wise idea. This pool design for example maximized the long blank space of a backyard.  Nonetheless, the look was successfully pulled together through the smart use of color, texture, proportions, and materials! Just like number 7 above, the designers made use of a lap pool here.

15. Detailed

We mentioned minimalism earlier. This time we're recommending the clever use of details in spite of minimalism. Notice how solid the elements are in this pool layout, yet they work two-fold like through functionality. The square stone blocks, for example, on one side serve as steps to make you appear almighty while walking on water.

16. Unconventional

Sometimes, you can go against tradition by exploring eclectic designs like this transparent square pool that might as well be like a hot tub. Now this is the real pool type that adjusts with the space you have.

17. Tempered

When you can't have your pool indoors where room temperature can be checked, try pools with built-in temperature systems that keeps your warmth in check. There's also an element of romanticism in this design from Germany because of its solitary and uber relaxing effect.

If you're going big with your budget, see these 6 inspirations for your swimming pool project as well!

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