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33 creative ways to renovate your house with little money

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Every now and then, a change of scenery is necessary. It keeps things interesting, ensuring that your living space and surroundings grow with you. Sure, a large-scale renovation would be wonderful, but not everybody has the budget to pull this off. For those who are pinching pennies, don’t worry. It’s possible to breathe new life to the home – you only need to be extra creative in the process.

Find out how to decorate your house even with very little money in this ideabook. Let these 33 inspiring living spaces help you with creating a new atmosphere in your beloved home.

1. Change the kitchen floor

When remodeling the house with very little budget, make the changes gradually. Start at the bottom: the flooring. While this is not the cheapest project to invest in, new floors can certainly be satisfying and perhaps make even the most striking change to an old room. Go extra bold! Instead of choosing plain tiles for your new look, opt for colored and patterned ones that will gives the kitchen – or any room – a touch of bohemian style.

2. Replace dining chairs with a bench

As a charming touch to a casual dining area, try using a bench instead of regular dining chairs. This is not only a new look to the space, but it also allows the hosts to accommodate more people around the table.

3. Wall decals

Decals are a very creative and economical way of personalizing the walls of your apartment. From quotes and song lyrics to blown-up cartoons, residents can choose just how they want their room to appear.

4. New colors

Another easy way to transform a room entirely is a splash of color. Even just painting a single wall of a room can add flair to the space. Plus, it doesn’t take much money to do so. Homeowners with little experience may hire a professional painter to do the job, but it can be achieved as a DIY project as well.

5. Original shelves

More DIY projects can inject the bedroom with a distinct look that’s all your own. Uniquely-shaped shelves are stylish and functional. For those decorating a house with little money, it’s possible to craft homemade shelves out of fruit crates or the like.

6. Strings of lights

Chains of lights or similar decorative flourishes need not be limited to Christmastime. Not only does it brighten up the room, but they’re a pretty décor on the walls all year round.

7. Fill the wall with memories

This is your home, so don’t be afraid to put your life up on the wall. Photographs, artwork and other travel mementos  are beautiful as décor and conversation pieces for guests in common living areas.

8. Contrasts

Color contrasts in a smaller space make the different elements stand out more remarkably. White, black and wood work beautifully against each other in the featured bathroom.

9. Design your own showcases

Just like with smaller shelves, you can also design your own showcases. Here, a number of accessories can be displayed, from things the family uses daily like dishes and mugs to more special mementos like books and diplomas. Making your own is actually beneficial, so you’re positive it fits perfectly inside the home and every inch is maximized.

10. Variety in hues and materials

To make the space more dynamic, some interior designers keeps a play of different colors, forms and styles in the room. Notice how this dining table is surrounded with different types of chairs – a strange choice that ultimately paid off in making the room more interesting.

11. Subtle details

Not all of the changes in remodeling need to be bold and loud. In this bedroom, the designer had a delicate touch with subdued tones, a light splash of color with the throw pillows and small white wooden swallows on the wall.

12. A brick wall

This project is not the easiest and most economical, but a brick wall is striking and gives any room a distinctly industrial look. Beautiful and strong, brick can be the highlight of any room.

13. Play a little bit

HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE Bloomint design Mediterranean style bedroom
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

Not everything has to be taken seriously. Embrace your inner child and have a swing installed inside the house. It’s an extra seat in the bedroom, adds some personality and it’s fun! Homeowners just have to make sure the structure can withstand the extra weight and movement of the swing set. Consult one of our professional architects to make sure.

14. Letters in the kitchen

More often than not, people choose not to adorn the kitchen with extra décor. However, when done tastefully, stylish accessories can go well with the functions of the kitchen. Typography on the walls is one way to bedeck the cooking space without taking up space in the room.

15. Paint with chalk

For a creative take on decorating the walls, you can install a blackboard-type wall that allows your personal style to shine through. It also lets the homeowners write reminders and notes right on the wall – where it can’t be ignored!

16. DIY décor

If you’re decorating your house with little money, DIY is a great option. There’s no need to purchase much, creative minds can simply make the décor with their own two hands. Surf the web or Pinterest for easy and pretty ideas that will spruce up a plain home.

17. All displayed

There’s no need for everything to be hidden in drawers and kept out of view. The utensils and cooking equipment can hang from bars for easy access.

18. Plants

Plants brighten up the home and they’re incredibly affordable. Invite nature indoors and let them bring freshness and joy to any room. Flowers and plants are also a beneficial option for the mind and spirit.

19. Maps

What better way to evoke adventure and love for travel than a massive map over common areas in the home? Vintage maps are retro cool while bringing to mind faraway places.

20. Wallpapers

Lily Pond homify Walls

Lily Pond


New wallpapers are economical, easy to assemble and very effective when it comes to changing the image of a room. Whether you want soft patterns or bold prints like the one above, the room can feel like an entirely different space when done correctly.

21. Recycled furniture

Give old furniture a second chance as the worn quality of these well-loved décor can be very charming. After all, the vintage look is a style that’s always in vogue. Paint them in new colors and you will see how brand new isn’t always the better option.

22. Paint on wood

Shoaling Fish Jo Downs Modern bathroom
Jo Downs

Shoaling Fish

Jo Downs

Wooden walls are gorgeous on their own, but when painted in a tasteful manner, it could be even better. This featured bathroom shows a way paint can enhance the nature-inspired atmosphere of the room.

23. New coat rack

Sometimes, simply adding an additional piece in a room can give it new life. A coat rack can be a good choice as a decorative piece and useful furnishing for guests and residents.

24. Original mirrors in the bathroom

The design (or redesign) of the bathroom should be given much care as well. Beautifully-designed mirrors are a wonderful way to elevate the space without changing much inside. 

25. Remember the balcony

Some homeowners forget all about the balcony. If you’ve been neglecting your terrace, start the renovations there. Clean it, buy a nice lounge chair and add some plants for a seamless balance of indoor and outdoor elements. 

26. Hanging chairs

Think indoor swings are a bit too playful? More sophisticated and comfortable hanging chairs are also available for sale. This one could easily suit a modern living room, don’t you think?

27. Paint the walls yourself

And by paint, we mean you can let your imagination run wild. Do away with framed paintings all together, unleash your creativity and draw on the walls directly.

28. Eye-catching clock

Sometimes a simple piece of furniture or a decorative element can make a huge difference, as is the case with this original wall clock.

29. Vertical gardens

Those who do not have much space on the floor for pots can grow their gardens on the wall. With little space in cities and metros all over the world, vertical and hanging gardens are becoming more and more common.

30. Paper adornments

Let's go back to DIY! Paper is an easy material to work with, so even children can have a hand in decorating their bedrooms.

31. Reorganize

Transforming the house doesn’t have to mean totally changing the style. Sometimes, a bit of reorganization can work wonders. Not only does it keep the clutter to a minimum, but it can also help residents be more at ease with their home.

32. New lighting

Like we said, a single piece can help you decorate your house with very little money spent. New lamps or light fixtures won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but it can completely change the tone of the residence.

33. Carpets

Not quite ready to install new flooring? Cover the old one instead with a colorful carpet that injects new vibrance and warmth into a stuffy old room. 

Now that you know how to decorate a house with little money, be more inspired by these 5 shocking home transformations

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