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20 stunning kitchens that use marble and granite

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The kitchen is a workspace, and such, even the design elements need to work together with the necessary resources so that the culinary work is done under optimal conditions. The countertop is an important element of every kitchen, a large part of the room that plays a big part in its overall aesthetic.

Because it makes up such a big part of the kitchen, the material of the countertop should be carefully considered when designing the room. The material is necessary in determining the comfort and optimization of its use. One of the most basic requirements is resistance to temperature changes. Due to their beauty, strength and durability, marble or granite countertops are a premium choice for many houses.

Despite the pros, there are a few cons to choosing these types of counters. As a porous material, marble countertops has to be cleaned quickly as soon as it is stained. Granite is similar in terms of maintenance, so it’s important to be very vigilant in cleaning these surfaces.

Still, many homeowners find that the advantages of marble and granite countertops outweigh its cons. Knock it out of the park with these 20 amazing kitchens that feature marble and granite countertops.

1. Black wood in granite kitchen

The game of contrasts usually works well in the design of kitchens. Here, we see black stained wood being used as a perfect counterpoint to the granite countertops. It’s seen in a set of drawers and cabinets that provide ample storage to all the necessary equipment in cooking.

2. Mosaic splashback tiles

The granite counters don’t necessarily have to be the center of attention in the kitchen. In the case of the featured residence, the strip of tiles draws the attention and adds plenty of charm in this intimate space. The splashbacks provide a nice pop of design in the midst of the neutral room. Once again, wood is one of the primary materials chosen to complement the granite countertop.

3. The perfect complement for light-colored wood

Beyond the strength and durability of granite worktops, another advantage to this material is that designers can find it in an array of different shades. If you’ve chosen furniture in a light wooden color, you can combine it with a sand-colored countertop.

4. A design with dark wood furniture

On the other hand, homeowners can also opt for a darker range of hues. The wood in this U-shaped kitchen blends perfectly with the granite countertop with its gray color. An island in the center of the kitchen completes the work area wonderfully.

5. Red to brighten the kitchen

Don’t be afraid to go for bold colors in the kitchen. Here, we see how the red base of the counters adds vibrance to the entire room. The color is deliberately spread throughout the kitchen, so it is instantly striking the moment you enter the room. However, the color is not too overdone.

6. Redwood and a light colored worktop

A more subtle way to introduce color into the room is choosing a distinct shade of wood. Attractive, practical and functional, redwood furniture can be combined with a granite countertop in a light hue for an interesting effect in the kitchen.

7. Marble kitchen

Elegance is the dominant note in this kitchen where the wooden furniture present the perfect match for the marble countertop. The white color with gray streaks only highlights the sophistication that is apparent in this well-lit space.

8. Stone, not just on the countertop

No need to limit the use of granite to the countertop. With its impressive durability and strength, the material can be used in other elements of the kitchen. In the case of this room, the architect used granite for the entirety of the counter – not just the surface, but also the base. One can do this with marble as well. 

9. Contrasts in a white kitchen

No doubt about it: the kitchen is one room in the house where cleanliness is essential. White kitchens are a good option to evoke a sense of order and hygiene. An all-white kitchen won’t do though; it’s important to include an element that breaks the monotony of the single color. Here, the orange walls and the granite countertop do the trick.

10. Side table extending from the island

This featured room shows how designers can use a little imagination to make their kitchen space more interesting. A side table or breakfast bar is attached right on the granite island so the residents can grab a quick meal right in the middle of the kitchen.

11. Elegant marble for the kitchen

For a kitchen with class, this example is the perfect model. Marble is a great part of the design in this brightly colored kitchen with its presence in the island and the walls. Combined with light hues of the wall and wood, it presents a picture of elegance in the kitchen.

12. Granite worktop and wall

Granite in the kitchen is ideal, but there’s no need to keep it limited to the surfaces. Here, it was also laid on the wall. Not only is it very attractive, but it is also beneficial to maintenance as oil splashes can be easily wiped away on granite or marble walls.

13. Dark wood kitchen

Once again we find a kitchen of contrasts with a light granite countertop that softens the rest of the décor. The cabinets and drawers in a dark walnut color make this L-shaped kitchen very functional and elegant. The wall details in beige and brown tiles are the perfect finishing touch.

14. Shades of pink granite

Tinted granite is not quite for everybody, but it certainly adds character to the common space. This two-color design, with wood furniture in reddish tones at the bottom and white cabinets in the upper area, makes the worktop an interesting work area for foodies.

15. Modern furniture in a narrow space

Wood, granite and white furniture are the main materials of this very narrow kitchen design. White and wood come into a perfect fusion in this modern yet cozy space.

16. Industrial-style with granite

Gray doesn’t equal dullness. This industrial-style kitchen space, for example, is full of life with a beautiful marble island surrounded by sleek appliances throughout. The bar area provides space for residents who want to hang out or grab a quick bite. The granite countertops blend perfectly with the rest of the room. 

17. Large kitchen in white

This expansive kitchen is loaded with elements. After all, its size allows ample space to be more playful in the design. The granite island-slash-bar presents a large work area for preparing meals. Notice that there are plenty of cabinets, a definite plus in room organization. Finally, the red detail on the walls adds a note of color to the space.

18. Double granite countertop

U-kitchens tend to offer a practical space for working and the designer of this kitchen goes the extra mile with a double layer countertop. It’s an interesting option and the residents can use the lower bar for preparation and the upper one as a display.

19. Neutral combination

Black and gray are the most common colors of granite countertops, and this kitchen adds brown to the mix in the form of cabinets. The neutral hues create a pleasant work environment that goes well with the equally subdued colors of the appliances.

20. Central island you can work on

This final example once again uses the granite for the worktop, the wall lining and central island. The latter even has a built-in cooktop, a handy appliance that is easily accessible.

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