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A guide to large windows: advantages and disadvantages

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Big windows can be spectacular. Whether its seen from the façade of the house or the inside, it’s definitely an eye-catching feature that’s sure to be a highlight of your new home. However, not every house or homeowner is fit for panoramic windows. After all, the effects will be felt throughout the entire residence from brightness and size to privacy of the family. 

If you’re still on the fence about installing large windows in your home, let us help. Our list of the pros and cons can hopefully help you make an informed decision before taking the leap. Professional architects can also offer valuable insight in designing a beautiful set of panes fit for your home.


Why big windows?

In general, windows are used to let light and air inside the house. It's a wonderful feature to have, especially in the common spaces like the living room or dining area. This is not the only purpose, though. In a house, it is the windows that constantly connect the inside and the outside. Windows keep the homeowners in contact with the outside world, while bringing a touch of the environment into the private space.

The larger the opening is, the greater the connection between the inside of the house and its surroundings. Light and air can flow indoors freely, and nature lovers can feel in total harmony with the environment.

New trend: fully glazed walls

In the ultra modern design world that’s dominated with clean lines and glass, windows rule. An all glazed façade is truly a sight to behold, an architectural marvel that goes well with all kinds of material such as wood and cement.

In the featured home, the glass extends to the two floors and the transparent walls provides a stunning 360-degree view of the surroundings. This is particularly ideal for houses that feature a beautiful backdrop, so the residents can enjoy it all day and night. At the same time, this type of home is best with neighbors that are far away to preserve the residents’ privacy.

Cost factors

When dedicating a big chunk of the house to glazing, it’s important to consider the damage it’s going to do to your wallet. Some of the factors that are going to affect the final number are window type, size, and the thickness of internal and external disks. The heat transfer coefficient also plays an important role in determining the costs, a factor that is related that to the energy efficiency of the windows. Glass is divided into different resistant classes with the more robust types at a higher price point.

Homeowners who have experience in construction can try installing smaller windows themselves, but for large windows, enlisting the help of professionals is best. This adds to the total costing, but also ensures that the quality of the installation is better.


The bigger the window, the longer time is spent cleaning it. Depending on the number and size of the windows, a half a day of cleaning can pass by very quickly. 

To make the process quicker and more efficient, choose the right tools and materials. The glass can be cleared of pollen or dust with a fine broom. With a sponge, make a mixture of water, dishwashing liquid and a splash of vinegar. Using this homemade solution, you can dissolve the dirt from the glass and sweep the water thoroughly with a puller. Finally, wipe the glass with a microfibre cloth to absorb residual moisture and polish the windows. Professional cleaners are available on call, if you’re not keen on doing the work yourself.


The view is one of the major advantages of panoramic windows. An unobstructed scenery of the outdoors is priceless, and something that many homeowners prize immensely. Additionally, floor-to-ceiling glass is on trend at the moment and can increase the value of a home.

Clear glass windows also open up the architecture of a building and keep the interiors fresh and airy throughout the day. It’s a beautiful way to flood the house with light – without the additional electrical costs of keeping the lights on 24/7. In this sense, a window-filled home is a more eco-friendly option than one that's more dependent on artificial light and air.


There are disadvantages to floor-level windows as well. For one, the costs are considerable, an investment that homeowners should carefully think about before commissioning the installation of such windows.

Also, clear glass windows may allow the entry of plenty of light into the house, but it also lets in a lot of heat. This should be factored in when completing the rest of the residence’s design. Finally, privacy can also be compromised in houses with a lot of large windows. In this case, window blinds and curtains can keep the interiors out of sight.

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