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Top tricks for a room without windows

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Having a room without a window is not as unusual as some might think. A bathroom, a walk-in closet or a converted basement are just some examples of rooms that often don't feature any windows. However, this is not a major problem, especially if the interiors are properly aligned. The design, the furniture, the floors and the walls need to be able to compensate for the room not having a window. However, don't be tricked into believing that your only go-to's are bright over-the-top color palettes in order to lighten your glum room. It is actually possible to achieve an attractive and light mood by utilizing proper lighting to help contrast darker colors, to the point that you can even imitate daylight. Rooms sans windows can be as creative and unique as any space in your home, all you really need is proper planning and maybe some inspiration.

Bathroom without windows

The color of the walls contribute significantly to the mood of a room. Especially in bathrooms that do not have windows, you can always opt for tiles and walls that have a light shade. You can even choose to make the room look bigger by hanging large mirrors and use them to reflect whatever lighting is in the room. The design of the ceiling plays a role as well in creating optimal lighting conditions. In this case, it would make sense to consider installing a false ceiling, this way the light would be more evenly distributed throughout the whole room in addition to serving as a way to hide wiring for your lights. Subtle contrasts can be produced when mic different shades of color with lighter hues. In addition, using subtle lighting techniques can add to the atmosphere of the room making for more relaxing baths.

Attractive floor designs and furniture

For rooms without windows, attractive flooring can add some much needed flair. Consider going for a color palette of pastel or bright colors to bring in some illumination to the room. Proper lighting and stylish furniture in bright shades can help prevent your room from looking glum.

Another thing to consider is choosing furniture that’s brighter than the flooring you already have in place to help create an appealing contrast. This will take attention away from the missing windows and instead bring into focus the harmony of your furniture and flooring combination. With regards to building materials, it's purely up to your choice, purpose and taste. For walk-in closets, however, soft carpets are recommended as you would often find yourself barefoot in this room.

Optimal Lighting

A bedroom without windows has to be able to hold it's own without daylight. That's why you should always avoid dark colors, in order to create a more inviting atmosphere. Rooms like walk-in closets don't really require daylight, however for bedrooms, you need to thorough and well laid out plan for your lighting in order to create the illusion of sunlight. In addition, you need to put in special attention on the furniture you choose. 

If you're considering bright colors for the furniture, these will help complement your lighting. Utilize a variety of effects to keep you floor design from looking stale. The lighting should also extend over the entire ceiling to get the light across the room.

Natural decoration

Plants will always have a positive effect on any room's atmosphere. They are particularly useful for a room with no windows. Have you ever thought: How do I ventilate a room without windows? indoor plants are your answer. Not only can plants bring a natural effect to the space they can contribute to the quality of air you breathe by filtering it. With one or more indoor plants, you can tastefully decorate the entire room in a number of varieties.

House plants are not the only way to achieve a more natural and sophisticated look, however, you can also opt for a fresh bouquet placed in an attractive vase. This can serve as an accent piece that distracts people from the fact that the room has now windows. If plants and flowers are really not your thing, then opt for some furniture made of natural materials.

Stylish accessories

Accessories can help illuminate a room with brightness. These can be real eye-catching pieces especially when paired with tasteful compositions with different elements. In addition, we can not understate how big an impact a few mirrors can make in brightening up a room.  These are particularly useful when your room has no windows.

Even if you have sufficient lighting available in the room, having accessories that reflect light can add dimension to a space and support the lighting you already have in place. While it all depends on the design and decors you choose, brilliant and bright accessories are much more effective in these types of rooms. They serve as great accent pieces and reflect light at different points giving your room some style.

Pictures provide variety

Images are not just an expression of sophistication, they are also highly effective at drawing attention. An important factor to consider especially if you're decorating a room with no windows. Using visuals like these can do wonders when accompanied with tasteful and elegant interior designs.

If an image is placed in a certain manner, they can serve as the visual hook of the entire space. In addition, with adequate lighting, the effect can be heightened. Not only can it distract from a missing window but also elevate the style of your room.

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