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10 great ideas for terrace floors

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In the Philippines where pleasant tropical weather is all year-round – monsoon season notwithstanding – there’s nothing more appealing to add in the home than a beautiful terrace. Why be cooped up inside when you can enjoy the warmth of the sun and the balmy air? Step outside and bask in the embrace of nature in your very own outdoor space.

One of the factors that give a terrace its character is the floors. The wide array of options can make the choice for terrace flooring quite tough, but choose carefully as this can set the tone for the area – and even for the entire house. Enlist the help of professionals, but it's better if you have an idea of the pros and cons of each type of flooring that's common in terraces. 

Here are homify’s favorite terrace flooring ideas to help you envision the outdoor space that best suits your home.

1. Wood

Surrounded by nature, what could be better than be inspired by it? Wood is one of the most popular terrace flooring materials, partly because it suits many design styles. It exudes rustic charm but can also be a stunning contrast to sleek and modern homes. Hardwood flooring is the most durable option around, but it still requires a wax or oil seal for protection from weather and natural elements.

2. Fieldstone

Stone, especially fieldstone, is equal parts rustic and elegant whether its used indoors or outdoors. This roundish stones create a well-formed surface that’s pleasing to the eyes. While its one of the most enduring and strong materials around, the bright beige hues keep the ambiance warm and friendly.

3. Concrete

Another extremely popular (and cheap) terrace flooring is concrete. Like wood, it can easily enhance any design aesthetic. Not only is it an affordable and attractive flooring alternative, but it’s also incredibly durable – an important factor to consider since it will be exposed to all kinds of weather outdoors.

4. Tiles

Tiles are an absolute all-rounder and affordable, so it’s also very trendy as patio flooring. This material is durable as well. However, one of the greatest advantages of tiles is its diversity. With an endless selection of sizes, shapes and designs, this type of terrace flooring can be as eye-catching as you want.

5. Clay

For a Mediterranean flair or just a dash of exotic pizzazz, try clay tiles for your patio flooring. Its typically seen with beige, brown and red shades, which can offer a stunningly distinct look to the exterior. Another plus of this type of terrace flooring is its long-lasting quality.

6. Natural stone

Classic and resilient, natural stone is always a good choice. Marble is an elegant option for the terrace. Slate also makes for a graceful looking flooring as its very striking and creates a terrace that can be the highlight of the home. While its definitely not cheap, the combination of style and function gives stone flooring amazing value even for the slightly higher price.

7. Rubber granule

Lesser-known modern and alternative patio flooring options include rubber granules. Not only is it easy to install, but the elasticity also offers a distinct and pleasant feeling when going barefoot. The insulation against heat and cold is another advantage, keeping the terrace a wonderful place to pass the time in – even during scorching summer afternoons. Choose a color – like this elegant gray – that blends perfectly with the rest of the residence.

8. Gravel

For a unique take on terrace flooring ideas, gravel may be a good idea. It isn’t a very common material for terrace flooring, so it’s bound to create a one-of-a-kind space in the neighborhood. These loose tiny rocks create a laidback natural atmosphere – and it’s far from boring as gravel actually comes in a variety of shapes and colors. Plus, this type of terrace flooring is quite cheap to other materials that can take plenty of time, money and effort to install.

9. Textiles

One wouldn’t necessarily think of placing textiles outdoors, but it can provide additional warmth and a pop of personality to the outdoor space. A carpet, for example, can transform the terrace into a cozy nook, especially when paired with comfortable furniture like cushions and throw pillows. Remember that textiles are particularly sensitive to outdoor elements, so it’s best to use in roofed patios instead of completely open ones.

10. Combination

There are no rules in creating your own patio! If choosing just one proves to be impossible, feel free to mix and match different terrace flooring to create the ambiance you want. Wood, stone and concrete harmonize perfectly together even as it offers a diversity in texture and look.

For additional ideas on outdoor spaces, check out these 15 homes with beautiful terraces and courtyards.

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