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10 small houses that will make everyone fall in love

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Dream houses don’t have to be castles, mansions or villas. Sure, these are spectacular dwellings that provide residents plenty of living space for all their whims and fancies. But sometimes, the best choice comes in a smaller package.

In recent years, people have been starting to realize the value of downsizing and opting for tiny homes. This process of “downsizing” is far from being a sacrifice, though. Small houses come in an array of gorgeous styles that maximize the minimal space, making everyday living a lot more efficient with considerably less clutter.

It can be tough to pack in everything in a limited area, but professional architects and designers have tackled the challenge admirably. Check out Homify’s picks of 10 small houses that may lack size but certainly makes up for it in charm.

1. Traditional miniature country house

Garden Room with Veranda CraneGardenBuildings Garages & sheds

Garden Room with Veranda


It’s hard to find a more charming abode than this one, a compact country home complete with the white picket fence design. This cozy home may be small, but it’s sizable enough to fit all the necessities and comforts. It’s even equipped with a porch where residents can enjoy meals al fresco or simply pass the time on a beautiful day.

2. Tiny refuge

This small and private home is beautifully designed to host families. A good way to avoid feeling cramped inside tiny dwellings is to have plenty of windows and glass doors throughout the house. This creates a sense of openness and spaciousness indoors while keeping the rooms well-lit at all times.

3. Miniature open plan living space

This cute miniature house showcases the lovely interiors that are possible in small houses. Pastels and white keep the atmosphere relaxing, while the open plan layout make the most of the available space.

Here’s a secret: walls only take up space. For tiny homes, multi-functional living spaces are the way to go. Not only does it ensure every inch of the home is utilized, but it also makes moving around much easier with each area only a few steps away from the next.

4. Garden home

Fifth Avenue Modern 2 homify Study/office Wood White

Fifth Avenue Modern 2


Some people prefer outdoor spaces to indoor ones. Even if you live in a tiny house, a garden is certainly possible. It can consist of only a small patch of grass or an expansive lawn where children can run and play, but having an outdoor space is truly priceless. Surrounded by trees and nature, you’ll be relaxed and free instead of feeling constrained in a small space.

5. Modern mini residence

exterior 3rdspace Study/office



Sleek and striking, this boxy home is a contemporary vision even without the size. One entire side is made up entirely of full-length glass windows, making the interiors seem much more spacious than it actually is. The outdoor deck is quite big, which adds to the feeling of space while keeping the clutter to a minimum.

6. Charming wooden house

Wooden homes usually exude warmth and coziness, whether in the façade of a large mansion or a tiny sanctuary. The natural hues of the wooden materials and the light contrast of the blue finishings frame the house beautifully, especially at night when its brightened by a row of strategically placed light fixtures.

7. White single-storey home

Garden Room with Veranda CraneGardenBuildings Garages & sheds

Garden Room with Veranda


This home at the end of the street stands alone, a tranquil abode that’s surrounded by trees and flowering plants.

When it comes to choosing the color scheme of your dream home, the simplest choice just may be the best one. White residences not only pop out in a green landscape, but the color white also makes the exterior and interior space look bigger and brighter.

8. All-glass standalone space

Nordic Guernsey Summerhouse GBC Group Garden Greenhouses & pavilions Wood
GBC Group

Nordic Guernsey Summerhouse

GBC Group

This miniature living space can be constructed as a separate piece from the rest of the property. It may be a reading room, a studio or just an extra room, but this tiny space is a functional area that makes masterful use of light. The glass windows on all four walls ensures the home is always filled with light and air. Add a potted plant to soften the modern look.

9. Cozy greenhouse

For homeowners with green thumbs, this miniature greenhouse is a must-have.

10. Traditional dwelling

The classic design of this tiny home can almost make you feel as if you’re in the English countryside. The panel windows and white façade are a throwback to traditional styles that are truly timeless.

Find out more on how to make the most of small spaces with these 8 decorating tips for tiny homes.

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