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9 smart bedroom solutions for small houses

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Smart cot. Multi-purpose bunk bed. Double agent sofa bed. You can call everyone's favorite furniture any name you like as long as it means a bed that is more than just a bed. In this homify ideabook, we give you amazing sleeping options for compact, tiny or double-duty quarters. We guarantee these choices will keep you awake until you've finally gotten your hands on them!

1. Bed-slash-drawer cabinet

Raise your hand if, growing up in a Filipino household, you've had at least one bed at home that came with built-in storage underneath it. It's probably the number one bedroom buy for houses that offer few storage space. Pull-out drawers such as these are usually great for storing clothes, books, magazines, and a host of knickknacks that you like to keep nearby when you're too lazy to get out of bed. This style also reduces dust accumulation under the bed. 

2. Bed with overhead cabinets

Got high ceilings? Turn a bare wall above the headboard into overhead cabinets. It's space-savvy and unobtrusive as well. Reaching up to open these high cabinets can get tricky though so stash only items that you know you won't be using for a long time. Practice safe storage—arrange stashed items properly inside the cabinets to avoid waking up to hard knocks, literally.  

3. Bunk bed atop a closet

For really compact spaces, turn the top of a wide wardrobe closet into a single bunk bed. Hang a wall-mounted pendant lamp beside the headboard to provide enough lighting without disrupting your sleep (which a direct overhead lighting shared with the adjacent space will certainly do). A single top bunk bed also offers plenty of storage and functional usage of the space beneath it. 

4. Wooden pallet bed frame

Cheap, strong, durable and recyclable, a pallet bed frame is a perfect bedroom choice for small spaces. Those open slats 'neath the frame (see photo above) or on the headboard can store anything from kids' toys to books. Its design is so versatile, you can style your room based on any of your chosen bed's theme—Japanese Zen (for floor palette beds), minimalist, or shabby chic. 

5. Uplift storage bed

Get instant storage space where even bulky luggage bags, fat comforters and carpet rolls will fit with a storage bed that easily lifts open either from the side or the foot. This particular storage design offers deep storage and wide, easy access for grunt-free retrieval of stored items. it usually comes with a detachable head board so you can even do away with it if you need more floor inches. 

6. Bed on a raised platform

In this photo of a studio unit, the living area seamlessly flows onto the bed area with the help of a wooden platform that double duties as seating (for the sala) and side storage (for the Japaneese-inspired kwarto). Check out the drawers under the platform. 

7. Foldable daybed

Sala by day, kwarto by night. Sofa when there are guests, your bed when there are none. This multi-purpose sofa bed also allows you to use a spare room at home both as a study and a guest room. Remember, these days, a couch simply cannot be just a couch. 

8. Multi-functional wall bed

If you live in a shoe box, then a wall bed may just be the best buy of your life. There are so many options for this particular kind of bed. There's a library bed with bookcases that glide open from the center to reveal a wall bed. Then there's a wall desk (that can double as a kitchen counter or dining table) that collapses into a wall bed after dinner. Truly, there are so many design choices you can choose from—it simply depends on what other functions you need the other side of the bed (so to speak) to serve.

9. Wooden bed with bottom storage that opens on both sides

This bed design is different from #1 in such that this kind of bed is usually placed at the center of the room, as opposed to being pushed against the wall. Hence, be storage savvy and make sure both sides of the bed offer storage space like these full-length drawers that can store longer, bigger items like heavy blankets, towels and your wedding dress. If you need storage for even longer items, then you can opt for a bed-sized drawer that slides open from either side. Creative and space-savvy, wouldn't you say?

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