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A beautiful wooden home with amazing interiors

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Another wooden house that should be in the dream of many others. It should be taken to the Log Cabin & Cowboy House, a popular home country in the countryside. Or in the mountains. It is a home style concept from a Cowboy Style style home that focuses on a peaceful, comfortable atmosphere with a style of their own. 

It is a unique home with a focus on the construction of timber logs, notch and lay them cross. Corner in the right corner. I can hold each part together firmly. Most commonly used pine. Because it is a tree with straight trunk. And the stem size. Not small and not too big. Can be stacked in a reasonable size. It is also a strong wood. Heat and cold well. This idea of the book will take a look at the log home is ready. In a sleek and modern style, which is the work of Sukjai Logcabin Partnership of Nakhon Nayok The emphasis on the construction of houses in the style of timber houses or wooden houses in the style of cowboy. Imported pine wood from abroad.

Front entrance log style wooden house ready to live.

The front entrance of this log house. The roof is double-layered. There is a large yard for a waiting room. Or a corner in front of the house.

The house is raised from the ground reinforced with a concrete structure.

The log house was raised from the ground slightly. And strengthen the foundations of the structure with concrete. To strengthen the structure. And to prevent the invasion of insects from the ground to do harm to the wooden structure.

Stairway up side

The side of the house has a staircase. The structure of the concrete edge to the bottom structure supporting the structure of the house. This is a frequently used area. And may experience dampness Concrete is a sensible choice.

The uniqueness of log houses.

 Wide balcony at the back of the house Which is adjacent to the waterway. It is the ideal spot for wide balcony construction. This is unique to a log house or a cowboy house. To have a spacious open-air terrace to experience the nature fully. It is also an area for outdoor activities of family members. Including friends.

Wide balcony

 Wooden balconies are a unique indispensable of the cowboy style wooden house. It is a space that is very much appreciated by family members. By choosing a rocking chair to lay. It is very harmonious.

Warm interior

Wood house decoration Focus on the use of wood with the same texture as the outside. Including the color of the wood is the same color tone. It provides a cozy atmosphere and comfortable wooden house style.

Kitchen counters and built-in cabinets

Even a wooden house, but it focuses on comfort. And modern in living perfectly. The choice of countertops and built-in cabinets is an ideal choice.

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