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8 amazing home spaces for family reunions

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Family gatherings and reunions are a lot funner when done in the coziest, most nostalgic place—home. Organizing and utilizing one's own house for a family party is a great way to celebrate holiday seasons.

Having a big extended family, that loves to meet often must have a house with a wide open area. Having much available space can offer a variety of recreational activities or games—hence, more good times with the whole clan! One will surely love this kind of happening because once can save a lot of money compared to costly outings.

Today, homify offers this ideabook to showcase ideal home space at various points to create a creative party corner. There's a lot of inspiration to suit every style!

1. House with a refreshing wide yard

The front yard is a popular venue for house parties. With a vast available space, there is enough room to conveniently arrange the tables, and food. One of the benefits in having a spacious front yard is that residents and guests can bask and absorb the natural atmosphere of the trees and grasses. Nevertheless, the all the greenery or any flooring materials must be kept and maintained well. If plaster or tile was used, make sure to clean it periodically.

2. Swimming pool

A nice pool party is another equally popular idea. The surrounding area of the swimming pool can be arranged into a bar or dining corner. Unique and exciting water activities can also add to the fun. For the balcony, it must be well-ventilated, tidy, without any leakage. Do not forget to clean the pool afterwards!

3. Corner of the front patio

This example is suitable for a small party within the family. The front patio is an easy and comfortable choice. The residents can enjoy a cool vacation, with the relaxing atmosphere of of the front porch. The bushes are used decoratively covering the walls. Just take note of the structure, material and elevation of the floor, because design should coincide with safety too! Just like this, the front patio becomes a creative, easy-going corner in contemporary style.

4. Deck

The deck is another great place to feel the cold winds and fresh air as you bask in the living space. Situated at the top of the house, residents and visitors are can unwind in such refreshing atmosphere in any season. Arrange and organize tables and chairs on the roof deck to establish a living corner that gives you a peak to such scenic view. Also to keep the atmosphere cozy, put furnishings that intensify the warmth of nature—incorporate ornamental and potted plants, shrubs or flowers.

5. Balcony

Some residents live in condominiums with balconies that serve as good venues for events. Put up comfy chairs and a lovely dining table, and throw parties whenever you want! In addition to the chairs, add trees and plants to decorate and enhance the mood. Make sure this compact corner is full of bright and light colors to make it look wider. The advantages of this kind of gatherings are not just in terms of comfort and practicality, but also in terms of amazing scenic views and cool scenery.

6. Kitchen corner

The kitchen corner is another proportion in your home that can be created as a party corner other than the popular outdoor space. Usually, family members prepare dishes together for an occasion and chitchat while cooking. That's why it's important to make the kitchen comfortable and spacious so more persons can stay over the area; you know what they say, food and stories go well! The arrangement in this corner is suitable for all types of houses, from large to compact sizes. And lastly, take note that cleanliness and safety must be king!

See more inspirational designs from Diane Berry Kitchens for your kitchen to boost the family bonding!

7. Living corner

The living corner is one of the places where most interactions and moments take place. This part of the home can be easily organized for a party or gathering. Make sure only needed furniture will be present so the room will be wide enough for all the guests. Another advantage of this party in the corner is the privacy and freedom to do a variety of recreational activities. Extra tip: Invest in sturdy and stylish furniture as early as possible, so you won't have to look much for decorations in times of great occasions!

8. Pavilion by the house

And the last idea for hosting the family reunions is having a pavilion. A small pavilion can decorated or arranged at one corner in the immediate vicinity of the house. Residents and guests alike can relax while having tea and coffee, surrounded by the natural and vibrant atmosphere. Match the green grass, bushes and trees with a pavilion made in wooden materials. Be creative and flexible when decorating the area depending on the occasion; spice things up by incorporating colorful lights for the holidays like Christmas. Make happy memories and celebrate special occasions without leaving your beautiful home.

Never be afraid to get your hands on with your own space!

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