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7 reasons to live in Metro Manila

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I'm sure you enjoyed your stay in the Philippines during your last vacation! With so much beautiful pristine beaches to go to, there really is so much to explore which is great if you're the type of person who's up for awesome adventures! I'm sure you'll see that more than the vacation spots, the place actually has so much more to offer that you may actually want to consider migrating to the Philippines! Metro Manila, for one, is an urbanized region that is the center of culture, economy, education and government. The country was also once colonized by America, making the citizens aware and familiar of the western culture. If you are considering living here, then let me give you a few reasons why it is a very good option! First off, the form of government is democratic, secondly, the vast majority is Roman Catholic in religion, and third, Filipinos are also known for being kind and caring people. Metro Manila is also known for having the perfect mix of urban living with a laid back atmosphere, and it also has so many places and activities that you and your family can all enjoy. As for your childrens' education, there are quite a number of renowned international schools that you can choose from. Now, let's run down the 7 reasons why Metro Manila is a great place to live in.

1. Tropical living

One reasons that make living in the Philippines awesome is its tropical climate. It's pretty much summery all throughout the year (except during the rainy season). So if you're not a fan of shoveling a snow-filled driveway, then you're going to love it here. There's also the multitude of varieties of tropical plants that you may find lovely for your garden.

2. Plenty of nearby resorts and beaches

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Metro Manila, being the capital, is pretty much the hub that can has the most access to various places, with modes of transportation ranging from trains, provincial buses, car rentals and commercial flights that lead you to the most beautiful vacation spots. Also, if you are into hiking, then there are also a number of mountains that you can climb that have a picturesque view.

3. Good food

And of course you've gotta try the signature Filipino dishes! You're definitely going to enjoy the likes of adobo, sisig, sinigang, bulalo, lechon and so on. There are also the sticky rice types like the bibingka and puto bumbong. For the more adventurous ones, you can try some street food that are close to the hearts of the Filipinos, there's fishballs, kikiam, isaw, balut, taho, and green mango with bagoong that are all so good.

4. Lower cost of living

Of course, one of the main reasons for moving to the Philippines that makes it a contender especially for those who are retiring is the lower cost of living. From basic goods, entertainment (i.e. going to the movies), transportation are also cheaper, allowing you to have more value for your money.

5. Work flexibility

The Philippines is pretty known for having a good share of the BPO(Business Process Outsourcing) industry which means that there is a vast amount of employees who are either working from home, or who go to work at different time shifts. The city pretty much never sleeps. There's even a good number of fastfood restaurants that deliver food 24/7.

6. Night life

The city is brimming with life at night. Most of the malls close as late as 10pm and there are so many hangout spots that you and your friends can go to in the metro.

7. English as the second language

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Another good reason why the Metro Manila is a good place to live in is because there's much more ease in communication. With English as the second language (taught in schools as part of the curriculum), you are sure to be well-adjusted to the place and warmed-up to people in no time at all.

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