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A cheap and convenient small house you can buy (with plan!)

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Kolay Prefabrik Evler Classic style houses
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If you are want to live in a simpler, sustainable home to escape the stresses of the city, then you should seriously consider a prefabricated house

Prefabricated homes were first produced as cheap housings in the aftermath of natural disasters, but they didn't make for effective permanent living spaces. Thanks to developing technology though, there are more durable and functional prefabricated home options these days. 

If you're seeking a retirement or holiday home, then this type of house design is an economical and practical choice. 

Below, homify gives you essential information shared by prefabricated home builders. Click on the home-builders pages or contact us directly to find specific answers to your prefabricated home questions.

Economic structure

This is the first thing to consider when you're considering a prefabricated home. With this style, you can make arrangements according to your needs and budget. The house above has an open-space plan shared by a living room and kitchen, two bedrooms, a bath and a patio. The interior area is about 40sqm.

If you prefer a house with a larger floor area and different features, you can find customized solutions by contacting architects or construction companies on this page.

Fast construction and ecological features

All parts of a prefabricated house are produced in factories and transported to the construction site and put together. This makes construction much quicker than building concrete structures. You can move in earlier and don't have to wait for many months to finally come home. A prefabricated home doesn't have to be a basic structure. As seen above, this kind of housing may also come with a garden and even a veranda


The most attractive feature of modern prefabricated structures is their durability. They have a lower risk of crumbling into a dust during an earthquake since the construction load is light and most of them have only one storey. This makes it a perfect, safe choice for Filipino families who live in or near a fault line. 

Extremely simple and functional plan

When you look at the plan above, you can see that the house is composed of a spacious living room, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. This plan, which offers great convenience in terms of usage, is standard in single-storey prefabricated houses that measure 40sqm. The facade of all models can be altered accordingly. Piqued your interest? Get more detailed information from homify home builders.

Casas inHAUS Modern home

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