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12 kitchens to match every zodiac sign

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Whether you're a culinary diva or a reluctant cook, preparing food in a space that complements your personality makes the experience a whole lotta better. What better way to make this happen than to choose a kitchen design based on your Sun sign? Here are 12 style inspirations for each of the zodiac signs. Let us know if they actually match yours!

Outdoorsy Sag

The centaur loves the great outdoors -- and it's fresh, dewy scent -- so why not take the greens inside? Stash short trees with leaves that dangle gracefully from its branches in repurposed coffee bag planter boxes  in a corner or two. Install ivies on a high shelf and let vines flow down freely, ideally against a white background. Want more evergreen? Display planters in open cupboards. As for a natural fragrant, homify suggests trading that boring fruit bowl for a crate of fresh green apples. Or just add a shallow bowl of potpourri. 

Earthy Cap

Down-to-earth Sheep prefer a grounded warm palette of chocolate browns, beige and grey. Wood and leather are a choice design elements. Soften the dark surfaces with a skylight and heartwarming decor like happy family pictures. 

Futuristic Aquarius

Viking Appliance Award Winning Kitchen Main Line Kitchen Design Kitchen
Main Line Kitchen Design

Viking Appliance Award Winning Kitchen

Main Line Kitchen Design

An ultramodern design that marries glass and steel will keep the forward-thinking Water-bearer happy. Complement cold metallics with cutting-edge kitchen gadgets but temper them with bare hardwood floors. Make sure there's more than enough natural light in the room because Aquarians cook best in an airy kitchen. 

Rustic Pisces

The free-spirited Pisces needs a daylight-infused space where she can both work and relax. A kitchen made of light wood or pine, with lots of evergreen and some rustic or vintage elements will get this old soul's creative culinary juices going. 

Fiery Aries

Quilted Maple Kitchen with Red Wall designed and made by Tim Wood Tim Wood Limited Kitchen
Tim Wood Limited

Quilted Maple Kitchen with Red Wall designed and made by Tim Wood

Tim Wood Limited

Match your Mars-powered energy with a kitchen splashed in varying amounts of red. Apply this provocative color according to your personality: pops of candy red (on decor elements) to brighten up the moody Aries, a crimson oven and/or fridge or cabinets to keep the Ram active, or a sophisticated maroon wall to stimulate the appetite of Arian foodies. 

Comfy Taurus

The Bull loves his creature comforts so fashion a cozy space -- preferably a leather chaise with downy satin cushions and a fur throw -- in a Taurean kitchen. 

Visual Gemini

Born to entertain, twins are visual signs who love to dress their kitchen space in striking prints and patterns that usually serve as convo-starters. 

Calm Cancer

Ruled by the moon, domestic crabs prefer a cool silvery palette. Think calming grays and whites with steel silver appliances and fixtures. Maintain the serene balance with avocado green accents. 

Spic-and-span Virgo

Natural organizers, Virgos work best in a minimalist environment, with clean surfaces and no-nonsense storage spaces for a clutter-free work space. While a Zen design also works, Virgins prefer nothing too decorative. A basket of fresh flowers will be a welcome addition, though. 

Formal Leo

While loud and proud, this royal sign also loves formal and refined spaces. Hence the elegant crystal chandelier in the Lion's cooking den. 

Arty Libra

The artistic-cum-intellectual Libran would appreciate this white and gray room that boasts a creative sense of balance and varying shades of blue accents. 

Bold Scorpio

Private Scorpios still want to be aware of their surroundings so this partly-sequestered kitchen with an island bar that opens to the rest of the house perfectly serves the Stinger's contrasting needs. Bold as ever, Scorpions can choose to go white-on-white or add a bold design statement such as a black wall (see photo).

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