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7 cheap home models you can copy

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Thanks to modern technology, we can now see things in varying yet clearer perspectives. For instance, tons of test applications let us mix and match styles and colors to give us a gamut of design options in fashion and beauty. Ditto with architecture. With the introduction of holographic prints, home designs are shown with more depth and eye-catching details that may be missing in scale models. As such, holograms are predicted to be the future of architectural renderings. 

We can't whip up a hologram for you on this page, but we have the next best thing: 3D home renderings that give you a good look at different areas of the home from varying points of view. Click on these seven 3D home images and start creating your own! 

The Bungalow House

Designed by a Brazilian architectural firm, this vast beachfront bungalow is one of two free-standing houses in one lot. The main house is perched on a slope while the guest house (with an outdoor kitchen and a poolside bar) is in the courtyard. The two buildings are designed harmoniously, sharing the same construction materials and colors. The main residence is exceptionally wide, with a large patio that leads to a high-rise wooden deck and a spacious parking lot.

The Box House

This 3D home resembles a beautiful white box wrapped in bricks, bookend-ed with gray walls and topped off with a butterfly roof (so-called because it resembles butterfly wings). On the left side of the front door, with a simple shed roof serving as an open single-vehicle garage.

The Stacked House

This residential project sits on the edge of Itaipava beach in Brazil. A modern architecture that captures seaside views, you can actually feel the light and air flow freely through the stacked formation. Floor-to-ceiling sliding doors open to a full-length patio, while up to four cars can fit in the open side garage. the open garage on the side can house up to four cars. 

The Hilltop House

All the elements are in play in the creation of this spectacular house on a hill. Mainly walled in clear glass, this mountain home boasts of transparency that integrates the structure with its surroundings. With its design mixture of wood, glass, stone, cool waters and natural daylight amid a lush landscape, this upland retreat makes for a perfect escape for any hardworking homeowner.

The Glass House

Who needs classic stone walls when you can have a stunning see-through facade that offers a perfect display of the luscious outdoors? Except for a single bricked backdrop, this open-plan design is wonderfully encased in glass, taking open-space living into a whole other dimension. Living within its wooden interiors gives you no choice but to make the most of natural daylight… and moonlight. 

The Terrace Pool House

Mutabile renders a summer party-friendly outdoor space featuring a patio that seamlessly connects to the pool area. The L-shaped terrace has at least three relaxed seating areas shaded by a louvered roof, so feel free to invite as many people as you can. A flight of wood-and-concrete steps leads up to where the excitement really is -- in the pool area.

The Inside Out Living House

In this 3D rendition of a compact home, you have the option to keep the deck as is (clutter-free) and let it play host to the above ground pool, or turn it into an outdoor mix of living and recreational space by installing an outdoor kitchen with dining furniture in the covered area. 

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