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30 custom-made ideas for your kitchen

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Because we can not deny it, the kitchen is one of our favorite places here in homify. And today we have decided to show you 32 alternatives of design and optimization of space. If you are looking for ideas or are thinking about remodeling, it is your lucky day, because here you will find what you are looking for.

Soften your kitchen with quirky decor.

Reduce the sterile coldness of a sleek, modern kitchen by displaying well-chosen decor such as the country-themed ceramics sitting on the fridge and the countertop in this photo. 

Install a breakfast table.

A small table with a couple of chairs will do as a breakky nook. It can also function as a food prep area, a work station for you and your laptop, or just a space to hold coffee-slash-chismis breaks. 

Sit on stylish stools.

Go for a backless design that can be  quickly stashed under the table. Better if it gives a striking pop of color to your island bar. 

Turn your lonely island into a social space.

If you have a small house, then let your kitchen island double function as a dining area or merienda hub where the whole family can tell stories of their day. 

Splash your kitchen with color.

One bold shade is enough to enliven your cooking space. Keep it fresh by choosing a vibrant hue that you know you will never get sick of. 

Hide a bare wall with a tall, wide shelf.

Use it to stylishly display your best china. 

Install strategic lighting.

The Live-In Kitchen Studio Cinque Industrial style kitchen
Studio Cinque

The Live-In Kitchen

Studio Cinque

Led lights, under cabinet pucks, pendants above the island or breakfast table, unobtrusive can lighting -- take your pick according to your needs.

Go eco-friendly with wood surfaces.

This is a trend that has strong staying power. Aside from being an economical choice, using wood gives your kitchen an organic, warm feel that ultra-modern designs lack. 

Always get it right with white.

Small kitchens benefit best from an all-white (or mainly white) scheme. Mix with steel appliances and fixtures for a chic industrial feel. 

Incorporate the dining area into the kitchen.

This is a good option if space isn't on your side and if you have a big brood. You don't have to move back and forth two rooms just to prepare food, eat and clean up.

Go for a modern, seamless design.

As much as possible, make sure your kitchen already comes with niches for bulky appliances such as the fridge, oven, dishwasher, and the microwave. It's sleek, organized and a major space-saver. 

Ditch traditional style for a postmodern design.

Stainless steel, exposed beams, stark concrete walls and hanging bulbs give more character to a modern homeowner's kitchen than classic wood could ever hope to. C'mon, don't be afraid to trade old school for industrial

Get arty with mosaics and murals.

Gone are the days when murals, such as the one splashed on the island here, are exclusive to restaurants. 'Tis an excellent way to break the monotony in any home kitchen. 

Go bold and bright.

Give your kitchen a playful vibe with bold, bright hues such as yellow or orange. In this photo, the laminated yellow cabinets illuminates and reflects light in this space. 

Dress up your wall.

Aside from the typical ceramic and porcelain tiles, you can now prettify your kitchen wall with a vinyl and glass mosaic (as seen in this photo) wall design. 

Use dark wood where there's natural light.

Dark wood in a small, confined kitchen will only make the room feel more constricted. The alternative: use dark wood in outdoor kitchen or dining spaces where natural light can soften its cold strength. 

Fit a kitchenette in a tiny space.

Can you imagine living in a he without a kitchen? However small your space may be, there is always room for… a kitchenette! This works better if your home has an open floor plan. 

Opt for a U-kitchen in a large home.

A U-shaped kitchen is ideal for larger homes as it allows unparalleled freedom of movement in the cooking area.

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Don't forget the cupboards.

Cupboards are ideal for storing and displaying your finest dinnerware.

Play with fun shapes.

A U-shaped kitchen with a curvaceous island, sphere pendants and round windows -- how could you not love working in this space? 

Go for an open floor plan.

Given the option, don't think twice—integrate your kitchen into the living area. 

Reach for skylights.

Skylights put the FUN in fundamental kitchen lighting. 

Add retro details to your modern kitchen.

You'll notice immediately how it warms up your cooking space. 

Add a quirky personality to your cooking area.

The fastest way to do this is to install a chalkboard wall or graffiti wall. It's an instant scene-stealer!

Make your space more feminine.

You can start by choosing she-friendly but bright colors that stand out in a sea of white (or black or brown). 

Turn your kitchen into an entertainment hub.

With the flat TV hanging on a wood wall panel, unsightly cables are kept under wraps. Now you can watch Netflix and chill while prepping for a meal.

Use color as an accent.

 Give more light and joy into your space with a dash of accent colors as seen on the pendant lamps in this kitchen. 

Keep your kitchen clean and orderly.

It's only the most important rule when maintaining a guest-friendly kitchen. 

Lastly, mix and match elements.

Whether your house is lined with bricks or built with logs, don't be scared to go for another theme. Of course, it has the best chance of looking spectacularly superlative with the help of an expert. What are you waiting for? Start designing your dream kitchen now! 

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