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10 great ideas for a small garden

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Don't have a big garden? Can't figure out how to make your tiny outdoor green patch more cozy? Get some inspiration from our design suggestions below. 

Tiered flower bed

One of the most practical ways to get an instant garden is to upcycle a wooden pallet into a multi-panel flower pot holder. And if you add corner wheels, then you can easily move it anywhere you like. 

Four-legged country charmer

An alternative to the repurposed palette is this country-style space-saver. The top shelf serves as a plant holder, while the lower plank provides storage for garden tools like these decorative tin watering cans.  

Single column palette

This model is a handy combination of the first two ideas above. There are three tiers (like #1's palette garden) but stands in a single column (like our space-saving charmer at #2). The topmost shelf holds the flower bed while the two bottom layers serve as storage. 

DIY jar planters

You don't need to spend a pretty penny just to build your mini garden. Churn your creative juices and turn your pretty mason jar collection into colorful glasses of succulents. 

Mobile BBQ party

A garden isn't just all about flowers. Having a garden (at least a big one) means enjoying a barbecue with family or friends on hot summer days. A grill on wheels (as seen on this photo) will let you cook and socialize in your little garden without taking up precious space. 

Transportable chill corner

Want to unwind in the breezy outdoors with a glass of wine and soft lighting after hours, but need that compact space free of obstruction during the day? The solution: collapsible furniture and mobile candle lamps. 

Remember the birds

So you live in the city but still want to feel close to nature? Buy a hanging feeder like this one and mount it in a high position in your balcony. We promise, new feathery friends will soon come a-knocking. 

A cocoon of your own

Make your petite outdoor space entirely your own with an airy cocoon such as the one above. This is perfect for those who want to kickback outdoors while enjoying some privacy as you do your own thing. Lay a mat, throw a few pillows and you're all set. 

Cozy shelter

For those still kids at heart, this bahay-bahayan idea promises tons of fun. A small garden doesn't mean you can't have your own private space in it. Dress up a skeleton frame with some durable roofing, billowing curtains and a bench or two. Think of it as a tent, only much, much better.

Hammock chill

Our final inspiration is both practical and an extremely relaxing addition to any tiny garden. Imagine how awesome it is to sleep in the open air, especially on balmy nights? 

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