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13 ideas for that perfect house terrace

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It's nice to have a comfortable living room. But you know what's way better? A living area where you can bask in the morning sunlight, feel the cool evening breeze, and just relish the rejuvenating airiness of the great outdoors. 

Whether it's a cozy porch, an East-facing veranda, a sunset-worshiping patio, or a roomy deck that you want to build as a recreational extension to your home, we have got just the most inspiring designs for you to choose from. 

1. Maximized comfort

Since the homeowner loves to hold parties—and quite big ones at that—an extendable awning is a practical addition to any outdoor bar such as this one. It ensures that both host and guests can laze outdoors anytime of day, regardless it's high noon or there's a downpour. 

2. Swiss simplicity

This home is a perfect play of harmony as the deck set mimics the color of the structure's facade. Inspired by Swiss design, both the architecture and the outdoor area's design boast of clean, simple lines that are easy on the eyes. A glass fence keeps the front porch on display to passersby, while a free-standing umbrella acts more as an accent than shade provider to the side lounge area. (It's all about how it looks, baby.) Don't worry, you can always move it to the center of the set to get better shelter. 

Want more shade for your home? Find 8 Canvas and Awning ideas here. 

3. Double dose of pleasure

The backyard of this Italian villa comes with two attractions that are best enjoyed in two different settings. A large pool awaits just across the patio, which timber flooring is friendlier to dripping-wet traffic going in and out of those sliding glass doors. Meanwhile, a tranquil lake amid natural endowments make up the panoramic view that can only be seen from the second-floor balcony. Building the latter above the patio keeps it shaded and usable even on really hot days. 

4. Inside out living

Are you inside the house, or outside? You can be both, if you furnish this spacious terrace with well-chosen furniture and amenities. Solidly enclosed on three sides means it's protected from the elements. But with wide glass windows, you may still appreciate the airy openness of the unobstructed sight of the surrounding green vista.

5. Hillside view

This flat-roofed two-story home maximizes its hilltop appeal with aesthetic yet functional timber installments. For instance, in addition to the small porch, a simple deck connects the house to the grassy lawn, which widens the narrow space. Meanwhile, a bare pergola attracts passersby's envy without even trying. 

6. Veranda pool

If you've got (vast) space to spare, why not transform your whole backyard into an extensive hotel deck-inspired veranda, complete with a pool? Click on the image of this ultra-modern detached home for a complete view of this ambitious project that will turn your home into everyone's top social spot. 

7. Relaxing white

Who wouldn't want to kick back and relax in a pure white patio? Choosing a minimalist design, the homeowner installed a single sofa big and comfy enough for siesta instead of a full set. Instead, a rattan hanging basket provided additional seating (and dozing space). Wicker floor lamps and recessed downlights lend ambient lighting come dusk.

8. Country patio

Take advantage of a garden corner and into a patio. Go for a strong, polished timber platform to protect it from mud and then style the area with wood furnishings. Remember to keep it spartan but charming --- country-style.

9. Garden terrace

The covered terrace seamlessly connects the house to the lush garden. Evidently a fan of Spanish design, the homeowner chose terra cotta floor tiles and pergola shading to protect against the harsh glare of the sun. 

10. Wide porch

With a wide porch and covered hallway on the side, you can go around this house and not get wet from the rain or scorched by the sun. While the homeowners opted to keep their porch bare, you on the other hand, may add comfortable seating and some ambient lighting to give it a more homey feel. 

11. Classic simplicity

This home's old front porch gets transformed into an outdoor living area, with simple but timeless seating design that come in classic white. 

12. Party potential

What's so interesting about the terrace of this blue home is how it can immediately go from stark to smashing, once you add seats, tables, decorative lighting and a cool sound system. 

13. Japanese Zen

Let's cap this inspiring list with a Japanese terrace. Like designs found in  traditional Nippon houses, the wood terrace of this modern home is bare, to shine the spotlight on the Zen garden. Since it's elevated, you can simply sit on the deck floor (or eve lie back) and take in the calm serenity before you. 

There are still so many ideas for creating a living space outdoors. Take a look at these 6 design parks with lovely living areas and these 15 simple ideas for adding a terrace or patio to your home. 

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