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15 doors that will make your home look more modern

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Many doorways can be quite boring, merely constructed to be an entryway to the rest of the house. But it can be so much more than this as doors can play an important role in tying together the entire look of the house. After all, the doorway is the very first thing that you encounter up close in each residence. So use it to make an exceptional first impression.

With the care and attention of the right designer, the doorway can be transformed into a stunning architectural piece that is the focal point of the façade. Discover the beauty of this essential part of every home with new eyes in this collection of awesome doors to get inspired by.

1. Black steel door

If you’re not inclined to choose something extravagant, maybe opt for something like this simple but elegant steel door. It’s not ostentatious, but the glass feature in the middle is interesting and is in line with the modern aesthetic of the house. Find a door that suits the rest of the façade, not one that’s eye-catching just for the sake of making a statement.

2. Glass door for a container house

Container homes can be tricky to design, even up to the doors. For this type of residence, full-length clear glass doors – and windows – are ideal, because it adds the illusion of more space inside. It’s also perfect to make the inside of this cool home more bright and airy.

3. Kitchen door

This time, the featured door is one that's located inside the house. For homeowners who don’t have an open layout and prefer to keep their kitchens closed off, find one that blends seamlessly into the rest of the interiors. This gray door opens to the kitchen, and it features an unassuming style. While the frosted glass adds a bit of style, this is a strong and sturdy door that would be a great addition to any room.

4. Steel-framed glass door

Steel doors might be a little too heavy for an exquisitely designed dwelling. For residents who are looking for a tasteful door for the indoors, try installing a glass door with slim steel frames. It goes perfectly with the refined interiors.

5. Large dark doors

This won’t suit every home, but homeowners seeking a very private and secure life can choose to hide behind these thick dark doors. The glass add a bit of sophistication to the design of the doorway but it also blends incredibly well into the dark walls of the residence.

6. Rotary door

For inside the house, swiveling doors can allow the residents to move easily throughout the property. It’s the best of both worlds with the privacy of closed doors and the ease of an open layout.

7. Wooden door

This door features a wooden frame and varying sizes of glass panes. Combining different materials makes the door look unique.

8. Artsy door

Doors with these designs are almost like art pieces. In this section of the house, the door disappears into the rest of the contemporary design. It offers a peek into the house through the bars, arranged in an attractive pattern.

9. Extra wide door

Pivot door and Side Return Glass Box Extrensin Maxlight Modern windows & doors

Pivot door and Side Return Glass Box Extrensin


The strong and industrial look of this brick house is highlighted by the extra large glass door with modern black steel frames. While undeniably large with thick and durable glass, it manages not to be too bulky.

10. Picture frame-like piece

This sturdy black door is a sight to see. It’s framed by two full-length glass windows that are covered with curtains to maintain privacy. This door proves that solid and hardy doors can still be sleek and beautiful.

11. Steel bar door

The beautiful patterned steel bars is incredibly eye-catching that is installed as much for its look as it is for its ability to close off the room.

12. Rustic wooden door

There’s nothing as sturdy looking as a well-made wooden door. In this featured home, the nature-inspired materials included brick exteriors, flourishing plants and the exquisitely designed wood doorway.

13. Sliding steel door

Sleek and strong, these sliding steel doors offer utmost privacy and a contemporary design. It’s also a unique feature in the house as it’s not very common for private homes to have this kind of entry.

14. Steel door

The heavy-duty door keeps the household secure. It’s also strategically placed in front of the house with a doorway leading up to it.

15. Exquisite design

Glamorous homes need equally captivating doorways to go along with it. Be bold and ask designers to create an exquisite doorway for your home, like the pretty swirling patterns of the one above.

For more amazing doorways, read 15 entrance doors that will make your home look great.

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