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24 ideas for that space under the staircase

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Today, the modern house style goes beyond design. Creativity meets functionality as every inch of space is maximized in an inspiring way. Having a staircase at your home creates an unused area right under it. Fortunately, home stylists have found incredible ways to use such space! You can make your room a little wider by turning it to a storage room. Other than that, there's just a lot of designs and options you can opt to choose! Have you ever thought of creating a small garden indoors and add vitality to the interior? It does not just beautify the room but also gives a fresher atmosphere! If you like the rich visual effects, you can even build a small pool or pond!

In this ideabook, we bring you 24 fun ideas to utilize space under your staircase. Browse over the different styles and pick which will match your taste the most!

An earthy haven

Under the stairs, create a little greenery and have a touch of nature right at your home. Just by looking at the relaxing view, such stress will surely go away!

A refreshing view

If the space is large enough, you can also consider having a pond into your room! Instead of an unused corner, you'll have an interesting area that will entertain your guests and friends whenever they visit the house.

Evergreen plants are timeless

Why not place evergreen plants under your staircase? The landscaping effect is just magnificent!

A secret corner

Lay the ground with gravel and pebbles, while matching it with ornamental and potted plants. Add the final touch with a wooden bench or chairs on it, and create a secret indoor retreat.

A fusion of style and nature

Even if the stairs are narrow and long, you can still fill the open gap between the ladder and the wall with a lovely and lively landscape of rich-in-color plants and pebbled ground.

Indoor garden

A futuristic staircase will definitely go well with a small indoor garden that softens the mood. Stay stylish and cozy at the same time!

A simple garden

Your little garden can also take a very simple route! Incorporate a natural look and minimal style with this design.

The artist's special corner

Want to add art? You can put your favorite sculpture in the middle of the garden.

A more natural look

Free the inner nature lover in you and put a saw palmetto (also known as Sagittaria) inside your home. This bush is very suitable for indoors, creating a green space with tropical style.

A twist for succulent plants

Another option for having greenery at home is to have a cactus; not to mention that's it very easy to take care of!

A natural landscape by the staircase

There is nothing better to match wooden decks and stairs but a mix of various ornamental plants planted on rich soil. This is a topnotch choice if you want a rich garden at your ground floor.

A blend of white and green

This is a minimalist design that you can copy with the use of three plants in front your all white-colored walls. It looks extremely perfect!

A lively corner

Install a large glass window on the wall, so that you can enjoy the sun while your mini garden catch some sunlight too!

A warm look

If you want a warm and cozy staircase, embellish the area with traditional clay pots with plants that blends well with the wooden steps.

Rich plants under your stairs

If your house have a high ceiling, accommodate taller, rich and beautiful plants. This design is worth a try!

A modern style room

Have you ever seen a plants in stainless steel pots? Do some fun mix and match; modify your some elements in your arrangement and decor to make the ultimate modern style space.

A ground covered in pebbles

Gravel, river or pebbles are good options for fillers in creating your interior garden, and fill the gaps in space.

A creative staircase

This staircase boasts of a unique curve. Balance the design by adding more creativity in the small garden under the stairs by choosing a good selection of ornamental plants.

For a house with high ceiling

Yes, you can really find the tree into your home! If you have a house with really high ceilings, place a tree of your preference highlighted with small spotlights.

Cool and clean

See how this little green space is utilized like a show window. This artistic arrangement looks neat and cozy!

Simple and stylish

The staircase design emphasizes the stylish and simple design; only a small, neatly-arranged garden will best fit the overall design.

A fusion of water and stones

Consider an indoor installation of a small pool with earthy stones and bring vitality inside the house.

Pool by the staircase

This fun pool design makes a look unforgettable! Notice the small pathway created with sleek black tiles to connect the living space on both sides!

Perfect spot

Create this beautiful indoor garden at the perfect location! Directly expose sunshine to make sure your plants are nourished well.

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