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A beautiful bungalow in the heart of Japan

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In the city of Shibukawa (a.k.a the navel of Japan), we found a beautiful home that perfectly reflects the contemporary architecture of the Far East.

This extraordinary house meets the very specific needs of its resident -- an 80-year-old woman who has lived in this district since childhood. She was forced to leave her former home, which she remembers to this day with great sentiment and affection. 

Her new house, where she lives alone, was designed by the ATELIER N. All the facilities are designed to make it easier for people her age to live a seamless, better life. Certain design schemes from the old house have been applied as it originally was in the new home. 

​Building block

Built in 2010, the new bungalow sits on a small lot with a small garden attached. The façade is very conservative, utilizing subdued white in combination with wood design elements, giving this classic architecture an ultra modern impression. The gable roof gives the illusion of a higher floor. 

A PWD-friendly entrance

This home's architects paid extraordinary attention to detail. Japanese precision produced a carefully designed, aesthetic facade with delicate decorative elements such as this illuminated circular window. Behind it is the front entrance that comes with a special wheelchair ramp. Evidently, this is a home well-adapted to the specific needs of a disabled resident. 

​Spacious interiors

Finished in natural style with ecological materials, this peaceful and harmonious design is typical of Japanese interior architecture. The floors are lined with laminated wood and, in some places, a stopper to subtly delineate spaces. Due to the climate, thin walls are not additionally insulated, which is standard in the region. The only layer that covers it from the inside is diatonic wallpaper.

Stark dining room

This conservative dining room hosts only a polished dining table and lots of free space. In Japan, this style is extremely popular. This large room is designed consistently with the rest of the house -- no chaos nor exaggeration. Framed in wood, the glass doors leading to the garden is the decorative highlight. The rest consists of simple choices -- a faux leather button sofa, a high dresser, hanging wall artwork and point lighting. 

​Bedroom meant for mobility

The owner's bedroom perfectly caters to her mobility needs. Wide corridors make it easy to travel by trolley while an adjustable bed is a great convenience for carers. Thanks to these amenities, the octogenarian homeowner will have much ease at getting in and out of bed easily. The toilet, located close to the bedroom, is spaciously designed so that maneuvering the wheelchair will not be such a hardship. 

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