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Waterproof wooden flooring that will inspire you to switch

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Anxious for the renovation of your floors? Or are you an architectural professional who wants to deliver a great product for your customers?  With this ideabook we will be taking a look at flooring options that will make you want to renovate the floors as soon as possible. We'll take a look at various waterproof wooden floor designs that are both durable, stylish and modern.

The key to choosing the perfect wooden flooring option for your project is by considering two major aspects, its design as it will directly affect how we mold are spaces and the materials' water resistance, since it relates to how we will be using it once its installed.

So start gathering up ideas so you can make your floors look as amazing as these professionals'.

Modern living room

The professionals at Floover Latam offer their services to different areas. This living room, however, is a Chilean project in Singapore. The materials used for these floors are modules of PVC with a 5.1 mm click. This is the best way to create a modern design that also brings a fresh and relaxed atmosphere. The space features some fine furniture, clearly defined lines and smooth surfaces with a touch of green, which is best paired with a rustic floor design with more pronounced textures, noticeable streaks and a darker brown tone.

Hallways are important

Here is another good floor design from the professionals at Floover Latam. Hallways are often overlooked when it comes to flooring, but you should really put more thought into the floor options of corridors as more people will be passing through them. These wooden floors perfectly match the tone of the doors, the smooth walls and adds a great touch to the overall look of the space.

The kitchen

Kitchen floors need more than just good design, it needs materials that are highly water resistant in order to prevent accidents. This is because moisture inflates wood causing your floors to start bloating and become uneven which not only looks terrible but could also cause accidents that lead to serious injuries. The kitchen is also another area that often has high traffic, so it would be best to choose waterproof materials that repels moisture and humidity.

The office

If you want an office with a sophisticated look, opt for a simple and smooth polished wood floor design. It's the ideal design choice to help bring out the sheen of your tidy workspace. In addition, it can also adapt to the more modern designs of current office spaces.

The gym

Wooden floor materials that are highly water resistant and durable are perfect for gyms. It has to be strong enough to be able to endure tremendous weight as well as repel moisture from sweat. To fully bring out the beauty and texture of the floor surface you can choose from a multitude of PVC flooring options.


Although we've mostly touched on the aspect of design, you should remember that good a good floor should always be able to withstand a lot of weight and provide water resistance. Always keep in mind that a little splash of water can cause a lot of damage and consequently unnecessary expenses which will give you headaches.

If your budget allows always opt for a professional floorers, in order to achieve images that look the same as the ones we've explored here.

Modern home by Casas inHAUS Modern

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