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A sneak peek into Muji's small but stylish pre-fabricated home

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Meet the cute Muji hut. Yes, that Japanese household retail brand. Taking inspiration from its  products' balanced and natural design, this tiny house boasts a simple beauty that minimalists would go nuts for. If you think about it, it's really more fit as a vacation digs, a nook where you can find respite from all the stress of the outside world. It's such a cozy space that betcha you'd be calling your architect to discuss ideas even before you've finished reading this story.

Million dollar view

Nothing beats waking up to a beautiful view of nature and tanking up on oh-so-fresh morning air. The Muji house sits on a dream location, facing the sea, which is buffered by a vast carpet of dewy, green grass. Can you just imagine looking outside to watch the azure waters give way to the light blue sky. Every. Single. Day. For such a tiny structure, this house sure has large sliding glass doors. As seen in this photo, the wooden interiors are complemented equally simple furnishings -- a fringed, patterned rug, a black antique fireplace and a bare wooden bench. 

​After baking him

Comfortably perched between the mountain and the water, with a sea-facing front, the Muji hut's site and position is considered quite auspicious. The little black box stands on an open, grassy lot and has a small terrace where the homeowner can hang a broom and leave 'em boots. It's not easy to find a place like this, where you can enjoy the coolness of both the mountain air and the sea breeze.

Compact comfort

To avoid cramping the tiny space, do not add unnecessary decorations inside. Here, a lone, tall floor lamp stand guard over a flat bed swathed in clean white and beige. Actually, the whole interior is coated in cool neutrals that serve to make the space seem bigger and definitely more comfortable. The only pop of colour within comes from the black steel fireplace in the last photo. How is it possible not to get any peace of mind in such a place like this?

​Hello, twilight

The house grows even cozier as evening creeps in. The walls are awash with a warm orange glow, creating a relaxed and romantic mood within. After a hard week at work, you'll love coming home to this tiny haven. Stare at the open field, listen to waves sings, feel happy. 

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