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How to prevent home plants from dying

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Many of us can take really good care of children and pets. But what if it's a plant that you have to care for? Both green thumbs and self-admitted plant killers can learn a few things from this tip list on how to keep your home greens alive. You may want to consult with an actual gardener but why not try our techniques first? 

​1. Find the perfect garden space

Start your green thumb adventures by deciding whether you want to grow your plant indoors or outdoors. If you choose the latter, then both you and your plants will get plenty of sunshine.

2. Select the right tree for you.

If you're more into indoor gardening but prefer to grow a tree, choose one that will survive indoors and not require much watering. homify recommends these three indoor-friendly potted trees: 

- AGAVE: This grayish green tree thrives even without watering. Neat, right?

—WHALE CLIFF: This plant features a flat, hard edge that is popular in indoor buildings. It helps purify the house but may be more difficult to grow because it can die easily. If you like a challenge, then this one's for you.

- ADENIUM: A very popular tree due to its pretty flowers. Great choice for those who like flowering trees.

3. Learn your pots.

For plants that require frequent watering, place them in plastic pots. Clay pots are more suitable for plants that do not need to be watered often.

4. Properly time your watering time.

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To make sure your plants don't meet a dry, withering death, you must water it accordingly. For those that need to be watered every day, a simple way to remember is to set your alarm at a specific time in the morning. 

5. Wipe the leaves often.

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Summer Calla Lily Plant

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They may be real but they can still get dusty, especially when trapped indoors. Clean dust off your leaves by wiping it with a damp cloth—a fast way to take your potted blooms from dull to fresh once more. 

6. Follow the sunlight

Place your potted plants where the sun filters in to encouraged photosynthesis. Don't just place them in any dark corner. 

7. Always give plants lighting.

If your plant doesn't require that much natural light and you decide to house them in a windowless room, make sure you still provide them another source of light and heat, like fluorescent lighting. 

8. Move your pots around.

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Using plants to add life to living areas

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If your plants are receiving too much sunlight or not receiving enough, move them around the house to make sure they get the proper amount of natural light. 

9. Switch to synthetic.

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Large Glasshouse Terrarium


If all else fails, don't feel too bad. You can always go and buy artificial plants. They only require frequent dusting but they will bloom forever. 

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