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9 comfortable homes for a small family

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Ju Design 建築設計室 Modern home
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Everyone dreams of building a house that fits one's ideal. But how ready are you for that meeting with your contractors to start planning your dream home? Let us introduce you to nine homes for small families and you will see how you, too, can build a comfortable home. 

These nine houses don't just have lovely facades. Each home has moderately sized but still spacious living areas that bring the family closer together.

If you really want to build that little dream home, here's where you can get major inspiration!

​1. Airy atmosphere

White walls and blue windows aren't only cool to the eyes; they can also make a house feel much cooler. And in the Philippines, this is non-negotiable when planning your home. An airy outdoor space like this roofed terrace is also a welcome bonus. 

Earthy facade

房屋新建 整修修繕 homify

房屋新建 整修修繕


This rustic mountain house’s Yamagata roof and earth-toned walls hide promisingly quaint interiors that would be a joy to come home after a hard day's work.

Japanese simplicity

Inviting soft tones give this two-level Japanese-style residence a warm feel that extends to its woody interiors.

Blue, white and green

The blue and white scheme appears to be a calm extension of the daytime skies. Imagine your chubby tot coming out of those sliding glass doors and toddling through the wooden terrace to play on the fresh, green lawn.

Concrete country

This design is most suitable for a young family who wants to live in the countryside. The stone and concrete façade serves as a balance against  the soft, green surroundings.

Grey Americana

Can you imagine living in this blue American-style country house with your loved ones? And why not? The economical design, perfect for nuclear families, actually has a steel housing. Pretty and strong -- what’s not to like?

Pretty terrace

What a fetching sight this residence makes with its unique colour scheme and rocky curb appeal. The terrace is spacious enough to for young couples to relax while the little ones play about.

8. Light magnet

Trees provide shade, which at times turn to shadows. For balance, the architects of this modern house infused its high design with a sky roof and high glass door panels for a generous stream of natural light and a sense of airiness.

9. Suburban bungalow

You can never go wrong with grey roof tiles and white walls. But if you really want a small family home to be more comfortable, take a page from the designers of this home and paint the interiors all-white.

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