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6 cheap and pre-fabricated homes from Turkish firms

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There are many seasonal prefabricated systems that can be produced that provide the best cost benefit to suit your needs. But perhaps the best value that the wide range of these prefabricated  systems can offer is that you can adjust the economic and functional characteristics of your home depending on your environment. These systems are more sensible in that they combine the elements of practicality, aesthetics and durability, serving as fine examples of form and function working in harmony. Construction can be completed in a short amount of time and each system can serve a different purpose depending on your home needs. In this article, we have put together 6 turnkey prefabricated home projects built by Turkish companies so that you can find some prefab home inspirations.

Patio Enclosed Model

If you are looking for a prefabricated home that looks a little more comfortable and inviting, you might want to consider this style of home with a patio designed for those who enjoy airy spaces during the summer months. In between the cream colored facade and the white ceiling, this black wrought iron patio enclosure helps bring contrast to the space. The green roof made out of sturdy materials also blends quite well with the light shade of the facade. You can find more inspiring home ideas and a wide array of different styles designed by various architects at homify.

Duplex House

This duplex model uses tile roofs to accentuate a more traditional home design. The house is nestled in a 105 square meter area, for a budget of 70,000 TL. It has a large veranda where you can enjoy the company of your loved ones during the summer months as well as an open air space where you can invite your neighbors for a pleasant barbecue. In addition, you can enjoy a scenic view from the balcony that even offers a shaded area to protect from the harsh sunlight.

Villa Style Prefabricated House

A wonderful villa that perfectly meets all the needs of your family. This stylish and modern home was built with prefabricated systems and can be designed as either a duplex or a triplex. You can even add a facade that brings out aesthetic elements into the foreground. In this project, a wooden facade was incorporated into the design to help create an air of sophistication. This beautiful home was created to resemble a traditional American house, from the look of the amphitheater, the form of the roof to its open air patio.

Contrasting Colors

This home's facade mainly utilizes contrasting colors to create a dynamic atmosphere and then accentuated by a green roof. This entire two-storey house was built using prefabricated systems. In this design, the wide windows help bring in natural light inside where the common areas are located. If you want to be practical but still meet all the needs of your family, then let this beautiful home serve as an inspiring example of the possibilities of prefabricated houses.

Warm and Friendly

If you prefer pastel colors, here is a stylish and elegant facade that you'll just love. Accompanied by exquisite landscapes intertwined with nature, this home is perfect for anyone who wants a warm and friendly vibe. The pastel shade of the wooden facade blends perfectly well with the white accents. A dream home designed for anyone who wants to create a traditional family house complete with sloping roofs.

White Elegance

This is another house that will inspire people who want an American-style home. The roof of the garage also serves as a terrace where you can enjoy the views of your neighborhood. It is an eye-catching detached duplex that can meet all of your needs. Find more inspiring home projects and design style ideas by architects at homify.

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