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How to design a home for someone with an old soul

Kamla Villanueva Kamla Villanueva
Asian style garden by japan-garten-kultur Asian
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Sometimes, life experiences teaches the soul to mature faster. When this happens, there is a longing and thirst to return back home to a different period in time, while searching for true meaning, purpose, and inner fulfillment that money, power, nor success can't supersede. With specific design elements, we'll be able to delve into the layers in which we can unravel and understand the depths of a person deemed an old soul. Have you ever been called an old soul? Or have encountered someone who is? If yes, then read on because, today at homify, we'd like to share some tips on how you can design and decorate a house that will make an old soul feel right at home.

1. Reflections

Lake Scandinavian style bedroom by Pixers Scandinavian

Old souls usually feel much older than they really are, but more than that, Old Souls have the gift of empathy, high intelligence, intuition, and keen insight into the human condition. This is why we chose this type of bedroom. Here, you'll see a wall with the scenery that evokes the spirit within. You'll see the beautiful forest and snow-capped mountain being reflected on the crystal clear lake. Waking up to this scenery sets a tone of the tranquil, serene and nostalgia that signifies a rebirth. The physical and real you and the reflection of you, like having the body and soul being at peace. 

2. Openness

Having an open floor plan opens up a space, allowing a more flexible set-up where you could change it up in any way you like. Things will come and go, until you are satisfied with the outcome. Just like a wandering soul trying to find it's way home, to reconnect and finally, to settle. 

3. Introspect

Loft into Office by Collective Works Modern
Collective Works

Loft into Office

Collective Works

Sometimes, an old soul tends to experience psychological tiredness. There is also that profound need for solitude. In this house, you will see a hidden loft along the office, a cozy nook where one can easily hole up inside and rest and think.

4. The search for wisdom

Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase by GIP Modern

Old souls are in constant search for wisdom and truth. As the modern sages and mystics of our time, they would greatly appreciate having a large library where they could store their most prized books.

5. Empath's Nook

You are an old soul with a young heart; naive enough to love, wise enough to learn, so they say. Old souls, being empaths, can be likened to a sunroof. To see through the glass walls and feeling what others feel and seeing through the illusions and deceptions of society. This beautiful sunroof area could be a reading space where they could take care of their plants and pets, or as a simple sitting area where you can enjoy the outdoor view and spend time pondering about the things that really matter. 

6. Spirituality

Life is a journey to find that inner wholeness by seeking true self-fulfillment. After going through spiritual awakening, your soul begins to mature, it begins to find it's ultimate source of joy and peace. The deeper the search, the more connected we are with our souls. Spending time in a home that allows your spirit to be free and be at rest is something Old Souls would love. Breathing in the natural beauty of the garden along the pond and an old style house.

Modern home by Casas inHAUS Modern

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