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8 tile roofs Filipinos can copy for their homes

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It’s no secret that roof is one of the key structures of the home. It’s not just for the style and design which showcases the homeowner’s lifestyle, preferences and personality of home owners. It is also a vital component of the home as it protects us from the excessive and harsh UV rays, strong winds, rain and cold weather. With its importance, one should take time and efforts in investing in their roofs. In today’s ideabook, get a load of inspirations, tips and tricks to make sure you got that long-lasting beautiful roof to complete your dream house!

Selection of materials to adopt

Tile is a popular material for a long time. Today, there is much diversity from patterns to basic materials one can choose from; including the numerous colors available for the roofing materials. Check out different type such as the concrete roof tile, Monier roof tile, double roof tile, clay roof tile, ceramic roof tile, fiber cement roof tile and many more. Each type of roof tile has different advantages and special features. It depends on the preferences of the home owner, like intended use and design.

​The original and durable concrete roof tile

One of the wonders of the concrete tile is its high resistance to sun exposure. It is also a widely used roof tile. In the past, it usually weighs quite a lot. But with the available technology and techniques nowadays, the weight of the roof tile model has been reduced significantly.

The Rise of Fiber roof tiles

Now this roof tile is one breakthrough. It's the result of advanced technology that has evolved from generation to generation. This roof tile easily gained popularity being new to the market and fortunately, lots and lots of colors and varieties to pick from! 

Fiberglass roof tile is a versatile material, offering different grades, styles and shades to choose from; at the same time it share great compatibility with many materials.  Not to mention that it's affordable and long-lasting. Additionally, this could be your favorite too as it's a fire resistant material!

Ceramic roof tile

Our roof tile in this example, showcases another beautiful color that stands out from a distance. You can see the enchanting charm of ceramic roof tiles as it shine when it hits the sun. One can say that it's beauty exudes a luxurious look. On the other hand, it is also featured with other types of roof tiles which are difficult to match.

Earthenware roof tiles

Clay is a popular material to make a container. Many products have been produced using clay and one of those is roof tiles. What's good with this natural material is that its beautiful and durable that can last over time.

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Soft tones for your roof tiles

Bright colors are often chosen as the color for the roofing. Well, one reason for it is that it can easily have harmony with the house. Design and style your house with white, cream or any color in soft tone. Choosing a certain shade is very important as it creates the mood of the atmosphere and gives a variety of feelings. So better choose one that puts you in a good mood!

The dark and beautiful roof

Most homes use fresh colors. However, those who beg to be different rather choose a dark color for the roof of the house. The key is to mix and match certain elements and colors to accentuate the whole façade of the house. No matter what material was used (well, wood is a good suggestion!), with the perfect combination, your house can exhibit the unique and eccentric style that you want.

Roof tiles for the minimalist

Having soft colored roof tiles can show off a minimalist design. It also contributes to a cooler and more relaxing atmosphere. It's still pretty good, not to be overlooked by fresh colored roof tiles.

Best roof tiles to use

No matter which roof tile you choose, in any kind of material and color, make sure that its has good quality. Some of the factors to monitor for a good roof tile are durability, versatility, maintenance and drainage system. 

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