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7 beautiful and relaxing homes

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Most people think of a home as a haven where children grow up in, but more than that, people also want a home where they could relax, grow old and retire in. As far as working hard goes, we all try our best in order to attain comfortable living conditions and some extra provisions for when the time comes when we finally turn our hat in. 

It wouldn't hurt to ponder on you own preferences—like where would you rather spend your time when you become a retiree? Would it be in a city where all the happening is? In the suburbs? In the province? Wherever you decide on, it's about creating a comfortable environment that suits you. 

Here are some homes that could be the most rewarding for all your hard work. A place of reflection and relaxation.

1. Modern farmhouse style

This house exudes a warm natural aura. Modernity mixed together with a farm house style. Vertical wood plank walls and ceiling, wooden patio, and country style pillars that give you that mix of the old and the new. The grey colour choice for the wooden walls may seem unusual for this type of architecture, but the designer was successful in creating that harmonious balance. This would suit as a nice home for that future retirement.

2. Cozy and simple

This pinkish home is spacious and delightful to the eyes. Being in a nice neighbourhood is always a plus in terms of security and safely. You get to enjoy having morning walks or morning exercises along the lawn. 

3. Japanese style house

Minimalist designed homes always have a nice flow of energy reverberating within its walls, creating a good balance (yin and yang) that reflects your state of mind, being connected to nature and the people you love.

4. Bungalow

A one-storey house is perfect for retirees because climbing up and down the stairs to the second floor would take a heavy toll on their already weak knees. As for the design, the stone wall, the terracotta roof tiles and the log beams all provide a rustic style that is warm and beautiful.

5. small Japanese style house

A single pitched roof, warm colours, wood panelled lanai, large wooden doors and wide glass windows. Having a large door opening is good for when bringing in a wheelchair, also, beside the stairs, a ramp could also be installed for this purpose. The wide glass walls are nice to let you feel more in touch with nature and the outdoors.

6. chocolate brown cottage

The wood slat walls create a nice texture and the contrast between the brown walls against the white outlines make a simple but classy design. 

7. Mountain Home

A one floor house in the middle of the mountain provides a private atmosphere. A wonderful retreat, far from the pollution and noise. Being surrounded by trees also gives you more oxygen that is helpful for faster brain function.

Contribution of: ATELIER N (Architect)

Which home is the most relaxing for you?
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