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Vote now: Which facade is the most beautiful?

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Don't judge a book by its cover, as they say, but in reality we can't always expect that from people. First impressions may or may not last, but it definitely sets certain expectations. In a home, having a welcoming entrance to your living space can be just as significant as smiling to a person for the first time. Contrariwise, if the person in front of you is frowning, then that person may think of you as unfriendly and will most likely try to veer away from you. In context, if the entryway is far from welcoming, then people won't bother to even see what's inside. So might as well make the effort and find the one that will fit your style. 

If you are looking for ideas for the facade of your home, then vote for the one you like best!

1. Asian Flair

This warm and homey oriental style home exudes a guesthouse or resort-like ambiance. From the pebbled walkway, to the patch of garden, the shinto roof tiles, then the wooden main door and the large sliding glass doors. It has that accommodating feel like you can just see your grandmother waiting by the door, waiting for you to say mano po.

2. Beauty in Simplicity

Plain white walls, wood slats design along the window, a simple protruding flat roof, a medium-sized plant, and the pebbled walkway all look deliberately simple and graceful.

3. Uniquely Contemporary

Large glass windows, rustic reclaimed wood along the sleek wooden door combined with grey stonework to the right, extending upward to the second floor where there are foliage along the ledge. The white walls create a clean unifying look that balances the design elements. 

4. Classic Brick

Creating different levels of the brick walls that extends upward from the gabled roof makes an interesting design statement. It breaks away from the standard flat brick walls that we usually see. Adding yellow light also accentuates the beauty of the brick material, casting a romantic mood during those balmy nights. having vertical glass windows in between the brick pillars and a framing with diagonal wood patterns on the glass door also creates a nice updated design. Adding in foliage that is slightly elevated with the same material and a light coloured stone flooring really highlights the beauty of the house.

Portfolio: JUNOR ARQUITECTOS (Architect)

5. Shapes and textures

Feel free to experiment with different shapes, angles and textures. As you see here, the architect makes a bold move while still keeping the design elements minimal. 

6. Bachelor pad

The chocolate brown tones and solid burly slabs of flat roof for this bachelor pad creates a brusque appearance. The garage is lined with strips of steel, adding more depth as a dynamic solution that is both functional and beautiful. There is also a small patch of garden that is easy to maintain and a some vines that adorn the wall. 

7. Modern geometric elegance

Salida del Sol Morningside Flaneur Architects Modern home
Flaneur Architects

Salida del Sol Morningside

Flaneur Architects

Turning a geometric design into reality can be quite a challenge and making the design feel warm and welcoming is another thing altogether. Here, the architect was able to infuse those two concepts by using well chosen materials and by adding a water feature with natural stone.

8. Urbane home

門面 homify Scandinavian style houses



Suave and sophisticated—a design that is genuinely cosmopolitan. Grey walls, huge glass windows with black steel outlines, and some wood details. A few accent lights that peeks through the slits of the wood and a simple bench at the front. 

All these designs are sure to peak your interest. So, have you voted on a favourite? Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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