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6 decorating tips for a refreshing home this summer

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During this season, I'm pretty sure you'll be playing those summer feel good music while you kick back and relax, but then again, it is during these idle moments that usually get you wondering just how nice it would be to have some refreshing summer decorations in your home. Am I right? Usually, it would be something to commemorate your last beach trip or to simply make your home more bright and lively. If you're wondering on how you're going to jumpstart this project, then let us guide you with these simple and easy tips!

Tip #1: Summer Colour splash

The whitewashed walls of the facade could be made to look like a beach shack. As you can see, the blue garden set provides a nice pop of colour that could set the tone for the whole house. Then maybe add in a few colourful throw pillows such as yellow, turquoise and coral pink. If you are up to it, you could also paint turquoise blue outlines along the house to make this facade very eye-catching.

Tip #2: Patio Revamp

Add in a chaise lounge with bright coloured cushions and some whitewashed tiki torches along the perimeter can make this patio a place of bonding and relaxation. A fire pitt would also fit nicely along this area. You can also opt to paint the plant box with summer colours or decorate it with a rope that is wound to cover the whole pot.

Tip #3: Bathroom bloom

The wood grained tiles in this bathroom could appear as a beach shack. Add in shells and starfish decorations along the ledge of the window and a raffia rug with a green leafy design on the floor to give it that summer feel. Then have some rolled up striped beach towels with a decorative bark of wood painted white along the counter to complete the look.

Tip #4: Enliven the kitchen

Using disparate coloured chairs like yellow, turquoise and coral pink can transform this space into something more sunny and whimsical. Then you could also paint some vintage tin cans with these same colours and place it along the counters to create a harmonious design.

Tip #5: Bedroom facelift

For this bedroom, I would suggest adding a nautical charm. So let's go ahead and change it from bland to grand! Using striped fabric for the pillows, a raffia bed runner, then wrap the curtain with a white rope tie back, a DIY stencil with seashell patterns onto the lampshade and lastly, a framed photo of a boat along the sea. These small design details will surely give this room some much needed flair.

Tip #6: Summery living room

Adding a bright coloured throw pillow can easily change the energy in a room. If that isn't enough,  then feel free to add in an aqua coloured throw blanket on the couch. You could also opt to replace the rug with a woven fabric or raffia. As for the vase, try using lavender flowers for added charm. Having a potted indoor palm plant beside couch could also conjure a warm tropical atmosphere.

Tip #7: Dining room display

Taking home some items you've acquired during your last beach trip in Palawan or Boracay (or in whichever summer trip you've been) could be displayed as a focal point. If it's a seashell or sand, then you could arrange it with tea candles and flowers as a votive, or like in this case, a painting that you may have acquired during your trip. 

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